Wendy - The Jammy Dodger (Standalone + Blob Ready)

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StartWithTheName · 22488



IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I am not involved in the running of the worldwide blob. Please direct any question about it to the below link.

The regular Edinburgh Arkham LGC folk, including myself, have ran a couple of local Blob events recently and I typically make spare decks for newbies, or people without their own sets etc. With everyone indoors and a World Wide Blob on Table Top Simulator (TTS) in the planning (LINK HERE), I thought i would publish a few to help people interested in joining in.

THESE GUIDES ARE SPOILER FREE, and the decks are not specifically tailored for the Blob per se, but most have beaten it, and/or other standalones (Mainly Egypt and Hotel)at least once. They are at least designed to be easy to pilot, and resilient to certain Blob effects so no one has their core deck mechanic overly neutered by bad luck... unless its really bad luck ;)

The other decks can be found here





This deck also uses the upcoming permanent version of On Your Own, previewed by FFG in this article, but as yet not on arkhamdb:


This brings the deck to a 29xp standalone, and is easily proxy`d using the existing version of On Your Own since they have the same ability, and there are no allies in it anyway.




Where Some people have had all the breaks in life, others make their own luck. With endless ways to Rig the chaos bag, benefit from Failure, or retroactively adjust your test score, and plenty of cards which want to be discarded for your token redrawing, Wendy is the queen of shenanigans. Watch your comrades faces when all looks lost until you juggle cards around your discard pile, throw chance to the wind, and come out on top looking like it was all intentional.... because it was.

Double Moonstone & Track Shoes provide 6 & 7 (with s and Lucky! in tow), covering almost any encounter card, and enabling combat via tools and easy exceeded by 2 evades. A huge draw engine both feeds Wendys and provides a steady supply of events for power plays. With On Your Own, many of these events will be free, or just 1 or 2 each. Finally a huge number of these events offer reusable bonus clues, letting you reach the corners of the map others dare not tread.


  • ROLE: ............................. Event Driven Cluer/Evader
  • COMPLEXITY: ................ Moderate/High.
  • THEMATIC FEEL: ........... Reactive, Full of Surprises, The Plucky Underdog


  • CLUEING: ....................... Good
  • ENEMY HANDLING: ...... Evade/Burst Damage
  • ENCOUNTER PROT: ...... Very High
  • PHYSICAL DEFENCES: ... Very High
  • MENTAL DEFENCES: ..... High
  • TEAM SUPPORT: ........... Minimal

MULLIGAN TARGETS: Keep any assets, Take Hearts or Easy Marks you see. Mulligan the rest.





Play Wendy's Amulet as soon as you can. Its tempting to hold it back until you have a pile of events in the discard. This is not the point in the amulet and is very hard to pull off well. What the amulet does is let you commit events for their pips, or discard them to "re-roll" chaos tokens with your - and still be able to play them afterwards. It also means you can delay cycling your deck if you can keep playing events each turn, so Abandoned and Alone only hits once.

Wendys ability lets you redraw ANY of your chaos token draws. The specifies any token draw, and makes clear that it can sometimes be once per "ability". Ie there are instances where you draw tokens for reasons other than tests and its fine to use it there. I just thought i would spell that out very clearly for no apparent reason....(cough).

Draw hard Use Drawing Thin primarily for cards and primarily on tests you are way above on like Ornate Bow shots, or enemies with low evade. You can also use it to force a fail with Take Heart, and/or with a view to playing "Look what I found!". The deck has a ton of mixed draw and resource economy cards. Use these to supply and pay for all these big ticket events.

If you discard Moonstone to re-roll, it will be in place before you check test score I.e, you will have +1& for that test as well as the replacement token. This also means that if you have Moonstone in hand and can afford to pay for it, you can act and take risks as if you had it in play. Take tests neat when just 1 or 2 above test. If you pass, keep the resources for other uses. If you draw badly, pitch the Moonstone to redraw and put it into play.





Want More Damage? Simply swap out some of the clue events (Fortuitous Discovery is probably the easiest cut, as its can be vulnerable to Abandoned and Alone taking out 2nd/3rd copies), and bring in some more damage: Good options include: Backstab, Sneak Attack, and maybe a second copy of the Ornate Bow so you see it earlier.


May 11, 2020 1337duck · 1

From the FAQ on Wendy's Amulet:

'Play' and 'Commit' are two different game terms. Wendy's Amulet allows you to 'play' the topmost event card in your discard pile, but it does not allow you to 'commit' it to a skill test.

So the description about:

... What the amulet does is let you commit events for their pips, or discard them to "re-roll" chaos tokens with your - and still be able to play them afterwards.

Would not be correct, then?

May 12, 2020 StartWithTheName · 22488

Hi @1337duck

What i mean by that is that the card you committed to the last test is still available to play at a later date. This only works BECAUSE play and commit are two different terms.

Ie on test 1, You can commit "Look what I found!" for the pips, after which it will be placed on the top of the discard. Then on test 2 it is available to be played due to her Amulet. Ofc once you "play" it the card goes on the bottom of the deck.

This means if you play the card from hand you miss the opportunity to use it for pips or rerolling.

May 13, 2020 1337duck · 1

Ah, you're right. I misread that. It was an awkward sentence when I first read it. After reading it a few more time, it flows much better.

This deck feels lacking in soak, though, with the double moonstone + track shoes, you can just not fail treacheries, and consistently evade.

I tried the deck a bit and it feels that if you do not get your draw-cards early, you can get bogged down and easily lose.

Any chance of a bit of detailed piloting for this deck? Also, possibly the starter deck version?

May 27, 2020 StartWithTheName · 22488

So sorry @1337duck, i saw this message when you posted and intended to reply later that day and simply forgot. Very rude of me and entirely unintentional!

im afraid several other community projects have been monopolising my arkham time recently so i dont really have the time to do a full write up and play test for this deck really just now.

That said simply demoting a lot of the deck space back to zero xp doesnt look too hard here. One thing to note is that the resource curve here is calibrated to expect on your own in play, so the events are a little on the pricey side. However you can take allies before you have on your own, and when you then add it, they will sort of drop out of your deck and force you to fill the gaps with (your choice of) 0xp cards but at no cost to bring them in (a bit like a one shot Adaptable). This means you could sub some of the high cost events out for allies, and xp events out for economy and it might be ok. Alternatively, you may just have to be picky about what events to play and what to accept you will not play and use for pips.

I had a bit of a bash at this and it looked like this: arkhamdb.com

Though this is entirely untested. Peter Sylvestre is there pretty much entirely for the agi pip here. Gregory Gry might be a better choice for the econ (you should be able to hit 2 above on evades easy) but im not sure as the deck really wants fast upfront cash rather than slow and steady cash. Sadly all the good burst econ is xp, albeit 1 xp in a lot of cases like Easy Mark and Pay Day etc.