Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Nachdem du dich an einen Ort bewegt hast und falls auf diesem Ort mindesten 1 Hinweis liegt, erschöpfe Feldforschung: Du bekommst +2 auf den Fertigkeitswert für die nächste Fertigkeitsprobe, die du in dieser Phase ablegst.

Falls das hier Gené nicht die Mitgliedschaft im Club der Forscher einbringt, schafft es auch nichts anderes.
Michael Milkowski
Der Pfad nach Carcosa #24.
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: If I move during a skill test (by, for instance, triggering the on Fieldwork) and trigger Fieldwork, does "next skill test" mean the next test I resolve or the next test I initiate. A: (the latter:) If you move during a skill test, Fieldwork will not grant a bonus for that skill test, it will grant a bonus for the next skill test you initiate.
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This card pretty nearly reads: Whenever you enter a location with a clue on it. Draw a Perception card. Sept the card cant draw anything but more Perception cards.

You can expect this to net you 3+ useful triggers if you draw it in the first 2 turns. If drawn later then the returns will depend on the map.

This card has a short and simple learning curve, try not to explore new places as a last action, also your friends should get used to leaving you some clue scraps, they shouldnt be investing cards and time into clues that you get a bonus on picking up.

Definitely worth the slot for folks who can freely slot Yellow cards. Probably not worth the dip for the Dunwich Investigators.

The biggest downside is that this might be a dead draw if drawn lategame.

-EDIT: A lightning gun Roland Banks will really appreciate this card as a way to keep up his clue gathering prowess.

Tsuruki23 · 885
This is can be very versatile, as the bonus is to ANY skill test, not just investigaion. So it's useful if the location forces you to use a different stat for investigation, fight, evade, use spells or other assets with skill tests,... — Django · 2213
Can you use 2 of these at 1 timw for +4 for your next skill check? — vosh · 8
Also remember that this applies to any skill test, not just investigating. For example, if you have a friend in trouble with a monster next door (with clues present), you can move, engage the monster off your friend, the evade with a +2 bonus to the skill check. — olvenskol · 1
Interaction between Fieldwork and Duke: I use Duke to move and investigate. I use Fieldwork as my new site has a clue. So does Fieldwork activate on Duke’s investigate, afterwards, or player’s choice? Can I investigate and then use Fieldwork? Is there a window of opportunity? — brerlapine · 17