This seems broken and undercooked. Insane value for what it is. I imagine this would make sense if it could be used only on enemies with trait Humanoid and the test difficulty would be dependent on that enemy's attributes.

YuriTheBrave · 144
3xp is a lot. Same level as Enchant Weapon. — MrGoldbee · 1387
While I do agree that Vamp looks strong (Fine Clothes makes all the tests difficulty 0), I'm not sure I'd describe it as broken. Leaving aside the XP cost, there's the fact that a lot of the time you won't be able to get value out of all 4 options: most enemies with doom are Cultists, who will die to the 2 damage. And, of the ones that are likely to go together, (Agility + Combat) results in a slightly better Cheap Shot (+1 damage and move the evaded enemy) and (Agility + Book) results in a barely-better Breaking and Entering. While I do agree that it looks a bit strong, even for its XP cost, I think it's not as dangerous as something like Old Keyring (3) + Shed a Light. It's a workhorse, don't get me wrong, one that honestly looks like it'll find play for years to come, but I don't think it needs taboo. — NightgauntTaxiService · 265
Flurry of Blows

Very underwhelming card, to be honest. Artwork is awesome, skill icons are good, and when you see a 5xp event you immediately go "wow this gotta be good". Well, it ain't! So for 2 actions, you get 4. That is basically it, this card gives 2 actions, and all without any boost or anything else. Also, you need to control a Melee asset, it can't be a gun or something else you had in mind. It is very difficult to understand the logic behind why this costs 5xp, when in the same box we got Hand-Eye Coordination which gives you 1 action for 1xp, meaning that for 2xp you get, well, this?! After all is said and done, i think i have found an explanation for this card, so hear me out:

There is a janitor over there at FFG. He works night shifts ofc, and has keys to open-up and clean each room in the building. Some years ago, and i think around the time when Innsmouth was being released, he started messing with us and started doing some "funny" things. So, when our designers distribute what will they do, they arrive at their office and what can they see? Some of the cards are already designed!!! "Sweet", they think! In their head they think the other designer has designed the card already, so even if they see the card they just read through it really fast and think "okay, he must have play-tested it so i won't complain", but little do they know that it wasn't the other designer, IT WAS THE GOD DAMN JANITOR WHO PUT IT TO COST 5xp!!!! He didn't know shit, he doesn't play this game, but he heard the others talk about XP and stuff like that, and when he was f*cking around with cards he saw those dots under the number and he thought "they won't notice that i've placed some dots there!". And those dots are, ofc as we play the game so we know, the experience cost of a card.

When all is said and done, we get cards that are so weirdly costed that it makes no sense, like Flute of the Outer Gods, Signum Crucis (which they realised after 2 years and changed it to 0xp), Blood Will Have Blood, Quickdraw Holster, Rod of Animalism, Clean Sneak, Katja Eastbank etc. In this campaign he got into the room couple of times, as we can see in the cards like this one Flurry of Blows, Stir the Pot, Providential, and ofc let's not forget that one time he said "fck it" and deleted all the new text that was supposed to be on the Fire Axe and just typed in "Fast" as a funny joke describing how fast he comes in and changes things without anyone noticing.

I think after all is said and done, FFG has really gotta do something about that guy, as before that guy started messing with us we would get maybe some cards that are completely out of the way, but in the last couple of expansions there is some weird shit happening around XP costs and effects, but not in all cards, just some so theye don't figure that guy out, but i have figured it out!!!

Janitor, if you're reading this, know this = we will get you and feed you to a Shoggoth, you son of a....

Blood&gore · 340
You make a good point! And this review is hilarious so +1 for that too. — waltercardcollector · 8
Rod of Animalism is fair at 1xp. — MrGoldbee · 1387
There are some weapons that might go crazy with this card like the holy spear with 8 blesses in the bag, the big sledgehammer with an additional action or simply his small basic variant. — Tharzax · 1
The review is right though, Holy Spear might go crazy with so many attacks, but this card isn't what makes that good, Holy Spear is. If you use Hand Eye Coordination on your Holy Spear you're doing what this does minus 1 attack for 4 less exp. — Spamamdorf · 1
I read the spear again and the seal of bless tokens is part of the cost. So you can use the second ability with furry of blow 4 times with only 2 bless tokens. — Tharzax · 1
no, you can't. Only the action cost is ignored. And the "repeat this effect" refers to "choose a melee asset you control..." — Adny · 1
Hmm that would make playing this card with the sledgehammer impossible. Due to the action wording compared to the one on hand eye coordination only the first action was free. — Tharzax · 1
Seal of the Elders

Seal of the Elders is one of the cards which yield great potential, but need a very specific deck to pull them of on a regular basis. With 5 XP, it is very expensive, especially for an one use event card. Setting up for it is even more expensive because you´ll need cards like Favor of the Moon and Favor of the Sun too and have them in play.

In my opinion its only worth its price if you manage too get both minions out, getting a great 4/4 soak or up to an insane 16 dmg! Even better: The minions don´t exhaust after being used which lets them deal their Damage very fast especially in multiplayer.

But there are many much more reliable cards for 5 XP to dish out alot of damage. Therefore its remains a pocketpick for Kōhaku Narukami and his Book of Living Myths, but feels great if you manage to pull it off and melt a boss with it!

G3nesys · 2
Keeper of the Key doesn't deal damage (to itself or enemies), it discovers 1 clue and deals horror to itself; the ArkhamDB text is wrong (appears to be directly copied from Servant of Brass, including the self-reference). That's still very good. — Thatwasademo · 52
I think it would still be pretty good if you only get one out, assuming you have other synergies to keep it around anyways. A solemn vow from your guardian for example to keep getting slotless fast clues every round is still very good. — Spamamdorf · 1
Thanks for the hint to the mistake! I will update my review as soon as the right text is on Arkham DB (still waiting for my own cards). — G3nesys · 2
I don´t think thats how Solemn Vow works, you would have to play it yourself to somebody else. There are not many Gators who can have Seal of the Elders and Solemn Vow (only Lilly comes to mind from the top of my head). I still like your idea, but I means investing even more cards around this one. — G3nesys · 2
Forget it, I missunderstood the "owner"-part of solemn vow. You are right. — G3nesys · 2
Book of Shadows

I have never used this card, and I don't think I ever will. Even back when this came out in the original core set, my attitude was always that I would rather just play another copy of my important spell, especially because if you don't have spells to recharge, it just sits on the table and does nothing. Deep down inside, though, ever since I first saw this in the core set, I've had a tiny hope that maybe, someday, a spell will come out that will make you want to pay 4 resources and 3 xp to recharge and keep in play alongside two other spells; but to this day, almost 8 years later, this hope has yet to become reality.


This seems to be mis-labelled, my physical card has this as an Asset, rather than an Event. Given it's a permanent that lets you draw cards to attach to Bewitching before your opening hand, Asset makes more sense, right?

NotYAWS · 3
Yes. The original card is an asset. It's mislabeled on this page. — toastsushi · 68
This has already been fixed, but will take a bit untill it will be updated on the server. — Susumu · 328