Mi-Go Weapon

This gun.

This goddamn gun.

Have you ever wanted to play pinball with a boss? Well, look no further, because this gun will send enemies flying every which way around the map, leaving your teammates with more time to run around looking for clues!

Of all the investigators, Mark with his base 5 can probably get the most bang for his buck with this nice piece of alien tech - and, with a perfect combination of The Home Front and Vicious Blow, deal a whopping 6 damage while also acting as a personal chauffeur for any unlucky bastard to be on the receiving end of that deal and still be standing. I think, though, that any combat investigator worth their salt really wants to pick this one up for their own decks.

Third Time's a Charm

A great addition to the Survivor class that looks like something out of the Mystic suite. I'm happy to see such a powerful card effect that doesn't have "Exile" attached to it. Since you've paid the steep price of two XP for an insurance policy on one single skill test, you'll definitely want to recur it with Resourceful and keep it coming back again and again. Too bad it's not an Innate card, because True Survivor would be just what the doctor ordered.

This card really lets you push the envelope for a skill test that's a long shot. Three tries to fish out that almighty token, with the ability to stop as soon as you see something that will pass your check. I feel like Third Time's A Charm really gets better when the bag is pumped with tokens...playing this hot on the heels of Keep Faith or Tempt Fate is some awesome risk mitigation. The problem with that approach, though, is that for the same XP cost, why not get the fantastic Ancient Covenant instead? I'd probably pick this up AFTER that Permanent powerhouse, with the two combined being greater than the sum of their parts. That's 4 XP for a combo that will take your bless-heavy deck to the next level.

Pinchers · 5
Butterfly Effect

It's a simple card. You really can't go wrong using this to get extra uses out of Unrelenting, as long as your deck is relatively skill heavy. Every other effect it has is pure gravy.

Using it as a retroactive commit tool makes it a variant of Lucky: 0 cost, but requires you to spend a card. The 0 cost is also excellent for Dark Horse decks. If you retroactively commit a cantrip skill (Perception, Overpower et. al), the card cost will be offset. If you're only short by +1, retroactively committing Unrelenting allows you to draw 2 card without the sealed tokens affecting the test result. Using it to commit events or assets is meh, but sometimes you just need to pass that test. If you drew though, not much will help save for a retroactive Take Heart or Seal of the Elder Sign.

The Grisly Totem/Try and Try Again effect if you fail and is always useful, except that this can be used on allies as well. And you can recover the card even if you don't fail the test. Take back a wasted Take Heart, or an Unrelenting for 2 more cards if you don't need the +1, or a Signum Crucis for even more blessings. If Agnes takes back that Seal of the Elder Sign: you'll no longer be getting an effect on this test, but no chaos token is revealed anyway.

Having extra uses of Unrelenting never hurt nobody, just ask Silas, Amanda and Minh.

suika · 7377
How does this work as 2 extra copies of Unrelenting? I'm curious. — toastsushi · 62
Committing unrelenting, sealing 0 0 +1, and you have a very good chance of seeing a symbol and being able to pull unrelenting back to commit it again. More so with a few blesses or curses in the bag or later in the campaign with more special tokens. — suika · 7377
For clarity's sake, I mean that you can't really go wrong using it to pull back unrelenting every time you're able to, not that it's literally 2 copies of unrelenting. — suika · 7377
Amended review to be clearer on that. Also are you're the monogatari campaign guy? I just want to say that I'm a huge fan. — suika · 7377
A Test of Will

I found one trickly usage of AToW (0). AToW can forcely initiate test even with non-test treachery card; Amanda could commit her signature weakness to avoid a penalty of it. Also, the player window is open during test; Gloria could trigger ability at Alyssa Graham or (taboo) Scroll of Secrets to look next encounter cards. It's helpful when Gloria looks cards in encouner decks and want to discard two encounters. Sadly, both Amanda and Gloria couldn't add this card without Versatile.

elkeinkrad · 92
There are no revelation effect ay Amanda’s weakness, do AToW can’t cancel it. And ‘looking’ a card and ‘drawing’ it is different, so you can’t use this whith Alyssa. — Elvenwhite · 7
The meaning is not cancel Admanda's weakness, but cancel any revelation effect from encounter deck and commit Amanda's weakness at AToW test. Of course, they need to draw treachery, not enemy. — elkeinkrad · 92
Broke: putting Amanda's weakness below her player card. Woke: taking Adaptable for AToW, mulliganing for AToW, drawing Amanda's weakness in upkeep, drawing a non-enemy treachery in mythos, playing AToW, committing Amanda's weakness to it. — Hylianpuffball · 11
Mind Wipe

Mind blank level one gets a lot of accolades, and they are well deserved. Ignoring vengeance, retaliate or even aloof is a powerful thing. The level three version is great in specific scenarios: multiple person games with annoying amounts of enemies. With this card, you can have the seeker ignore a weak foe for a turn. That means they could get two clues and move towards a guardian, or get to the resign area without dying.

This isn’t the first thing you should level up, because the level one version solves a lot of your problems, but nobody plays mystic without some free upgrade power. It’s especially fun in TFA, we’re enemies even into the late game do one damage and one horror.

MrGoldbee · 1008