what is the consequence of drawing this mid-turn? do I just lose all remaining actions even if another player wakes me up on their turn? This got drawn in the middle of using Blood Rite so do i get to finish that action? what is the order of operations in that event?

Roakana · 1
You have already taken the action and played the card to activate Blood Rite. Nothing about Narcolepsy prevents you from finishing the resolution of Blood Rite. You don't technically 'lose all remaining actions', but you can't use them anymore so you're pretty much stuck just ending your turn and wasting them. Technically if your friend has Swift Reflexes, they could take an action to wake you up in the middle of your turn and then you could keep going. — Death by Chocolate · 14
Rita Young

Just played my first campaign with Rita, and I love playing her.

At first I got to admit I was a little confused about how to actually use her. She's not great at investigating or combat, and her deckbuilding is extremely limited.

What I realized was that her deckbuilding was a tip for how to use her. Rita is built to utilize the underappreciated Survivor trick cards better than anyone else. I loaded her up with lures, snare traps, hiding spots, etc. From there she kind of operates like a Guardian, bopping back and forth, using her evasion and tricks to keep enemies distracted and locked down.

True, there are other investigators who like to run from their problems like Rita, but they usually have better synergy with cards other than the tricks. Rita is probably the only character I'd see myself going all in on Tricks with and it gives her a really unique and fun flavor. Then just round out the rest of her deck with a few weapons or clue-aids depending on what the team needs.

David Renfield

Don’t forget, he’s really useful if you have a deck with a different highly desirable Ally to find (such as if you use lots of spell events, that is heavily dependent on a draw of Arcane Initiate. David becomes quite an efficient option for finding the Arcane Initiate along with Calling in Favors without spending too many resources.

If you have David and calling in favours, net cost is just 2 resources and 2 actions (and those 2 cards) to search 9 cards for an ally and play it with a discount of 2 resources.

I’m playing him in a Diana Stanley deck, my deck really needs an Arcane Initiate, where he’s also useful if I need a extra resource (fast) to play something like a Ward of Protection to stop the encounter deck, conveniently adding doom straight after the doom threshold has passed (“I see your Ancient Evils, and raise you a Ward of Protection”) or if necessary, killing him off with the horror from the Ward of Protection if I got Drawn to the Flame or Delved Too Deep late in my turn.

(As well as the other benefits already mentioned!)

Olive McBride

Something not covered is the interaction between Olive McBride and Dark Prophecy.

If you play Dark Prophecy, and choose to use Olive McBride on the first token drawn, (Say, for arguments sake, a skull, -5, and auto-fail), you choose the skull and -5. Now it comes to choosing from the 5 revealed dark prophesy tokens, one of which is the Double-olive-token. Dark Prophecy can only choose from the 5 individual specifically named tokens. But it does have the advantage of reducing the chance of only having auto-fail.

This is not quite true. You can still choose the double-olive-token (the skull and -5 in this case). This is because of the following passage in the FAQ: "when resolving multiple chaos tokens, any game or card effects which trigger if a certain chaos token is revealed—such as the text 'If the named chaos token is revealed during this skill test…' on Recall the Future ( 158)—will trigger if any of the resolved chaos tokens meet the specified conditions." So if any token in the double-Olive-token are skulls, cultists, elder things, tablets, or autofails, the double-Olive-token meets the criteria for Dark Prophecy. — iceysnowman · 129
Hallowed Mirror

So if I have a fellow investigator who doesn’t really have any decent accessories in their deck, I think I can Teamwork the mirror to them, but I keep all the Soothing Melody cards?

Or have I missed the something?

I think so. Hallowed mirror says that you remove the Soothing Melodies when it leave play, if it's moved over to a team mate it isn't leaving play. — Zinjanthropus · 16