Promise of Power

A promise is a bridge to the future built on faith.

Promises are easy to keep if you know what will happen.

Jacqueline Fine can give you three options, or a bad option with no chance of automatic failure.

With this promise, she can evade the cagiest enemies, punch the deadliest foes, or pass truly remarkable literary challenges.

If she’s recalling the future, those heights go from extraordinary to ludicrous.

Perhaps you’ll fail a future challenge because of a promise. But as you draw three tokens, more than any other mystic, failure comes on your terms.

MrGoldbee · 253
Book of Shadows

I am a firm believer that this is the worst card in the game as of 2020. Sure, Henry Wan's ability is usually awful, at least he is 0 exp and he can soak for you. The Springfield M1903 is rightfully ridiculed but with support it can be a worthwile janky weapon. Book of Shadows (1) is slow, clunky, expensive and just feels bad to play. At least the 3 exp version gives you an arcane slot, which is somewhat useful for most decks that rely on spell assets, and it adds charges for no continuous money sink. And mind you, the upgraded version rarely sees play. So that tells you enough.

Absolutely awful.

Cpt_nice · 18
Tony's Quarry

As far as weaknesses go, Tony's Quarry is on the mild side. 4 fight would be an issue for many investigators, but Tony fights at 5 right out of the gate and often goes way beyond that. 3 health is pretty average and means that most set-up investigators can take care of this monster in 2 or even 1 action(s). An evade of 1 is laughable and 1 damage is standard. 2 horror is a bit scary since Tony has low sanity but as he can reasonably kill this in 1 turn, that often won't be an issue.

The biggest problem with this creature is that it spawns with a doom on it. That, admittedly, is pretty bad. Worst case, you draw your weakness with not enough time to go hunt it, and it costs you AND your fellow investigators an entire turn by prematurely advancing the act. Also, depending on the scenario, "furthest away from you" could mean in a place you can't reasonably get to.

However, since TQ gets a (free) bounty on it, you will have a bit more leeway in going after it, since you can engage or fight it for free. This also means that killing it gives you a free resource for your trouble. And if the act was about to advance anyway, this is essentially a monster that doesn't do anything beyond camp a location.

All these things considered, I think this signature weakness is not one of the weakest in the game, but it isn't far off. I would be more concerned with Tony's sanity and low willpower if you were to play him!

Cpt_nice · 18
In low player counts, that doom isn't worth too much. If it takes Tony more than three actions to move to it and kill it, you are barelly breaking even.... — LivefromBenefitSt · 193
Yeah, I was thinking strictly in terms of larger player counts — Cpt_nice · 18
It being traited Deep One could be helpful in the Innsmouth Conspiracy, since most (all?) other Deep One enemies do something specific and mean that Tony's Quarry doesn't do. So that's kinda fun too xD — bee123 · 24
It's a weakness that looks much scarier on paper than it is in practice. Sometimes it'll spawn on the witching hour, which means you can totally ignore it. Sometimes it'll spawn early in the agenda, giving Tony plenty of time to work his way over to kill it. Certainly now there are many cards that can help Tony hunt it down faster, notably RIghteous Hunt which will conveniently also add 2 bless tokens to the bag (Seeker splash has quite a few move options as well). It's at worst a doom, and at best it can net you an extra bounty to place on something if you manage to kill it with your Long Colt. — StyxTBeuford · 11180
I've lost Agendas to it a few times! — MrGoldbee · 253
Dexter Drake

So Dexter is the only player card that has a May effect that occurs before a Then effect, so now we enter a curious situation, does choosing "no" on a may effect not count as resolving the effect in full. So do you only draw if you return a card to your hard, or do you only draw if you have an asset to return. (and then choose to return it or not)

Yog leads me to believe choosing 0 still leads to the then effect triggers, the effect resolved successfully, you just choose a minimal value.

Zerogrim · 15
If the may is intended to be optional, there's no reason to have the Then. Which leads me to believe it is intended to be required to trigger the Then — NarkasisBroon · 1

mild spoilers, but i'm trying to be subtle

Its a niche case but there could be some utility in one of the scenarios. There is a tricky scenario where some locations get discarded in predictible ways (its towards the end of a cycle)... and it says "when a location is discarded, move each investigator and each enemy at that location to 'location x'". If you know when the location will be discarded, you can get some pretty strong monsters discarded along with their location.

Again, pretty niche. I agree its probably got a bit of a revival with Luke Robinson, but other than that i've never found the space in my deck.

nobody has mentioned Minh Thi Phan, who can set up into a "barricade minh" mode where she helps everyone else with skill tests all around the place. She's not invulnerable but its awesome if her random weakness is The Thing That Follows. :-)