Glimpse the Unthinkable

This card will be insane with the Harvey, I'm not sure how big his hand size finally be but the potential is there for this card to finally shine. Specially if there are more cards that trigger upon being drawn.

While this card can obviously do a lot potentially with Harvey's massive hand size potential, I feel like he of all Seekers gets the least out of it. His innate card draw means that his hand will probably be full or near full a lot of the time anyway. — StyxTBeuford · 982
Delilah O'Rourke

Protip: enemies exhaust after attacking. As such, you may want to trigger her during the player windows that occur before the readying of the enemies, namely between steps 3.3 and 3.4, and between 4.1 and 4.2

jd9000 · 24
This comment right here. hot damn. — Difrakt · 696
Good point, though it’s hard to setup if the target didn’t spawn at your location or you engage another investigators enemy with your last action — Django · 2383
Sry i meant if the target DID spawn at your location. — Django · 2383

The actual strengths/weaknesses of this card have been articulated very well in other reviews. However, this card does something that I think many players will actually enjoy and value that isn't necessarily to do with how powerful your deck is.

I'm a pretty casual player, and I often find myself trying to make a deck being aware of the strong cards. However, at the same time I also really want to try out a different theme or some new interesting cards without knowingly gimping the deck too much. For example, I might be looking at a mystic deck with some core spell assets, but I do really want to try out some of the less common event spells too. However, deck slots are scarce and I run out of space for the fun cards. Sure, I could really figure out a deck without the staples and roll with it, and there's great fun in the challenge of that. But other times it's nice just to have the staples AND some fun stuff, particularly as someone who doesn't actually play the game lots and so has fewer opportunities to try things out.

Versatile allows me to get more cards for fun things like this, even though yes this is actually generally a downside to the card. (Admittedly, being co-op I could always house rule higher card limits, but I like playing to the rules to be honest).

The second thing it does is let you take any level 0 card. This may not be super powerful but can be nicely thematic and flavourful and add to the narrative, which is something that I think some players will get a kick out of. Perhaps Joe Diamond likes a cheeky swig from a bottle of Liquid Courage. Or maybe Ursula Downs never goes on an expedition without her trusty Survival Knife. Or maybe Nathaniel Cho just gets a bit vicious sometimes and uses a Baseball Bat. I think these options would appeal to some players and it's nice to have cards the enable this kind of thing.

Octo · 53
Hot Streak

The obvious comparison is between this card and Emergency Cache, but the more pressing one is between Hot Streak and Another Day, Another Dollar. I think that Hot Streak has a place in a few decks, but you generally need to satisfy one or more of these conditions:

  • Your deck will still have Emergency Cache. Emergency Cache is a good card, and 2 more copies of Emergency Cache + can be good for some decks (Leo)
  • You're Sefina. Enough said, the card is absolutely insane with her.
  • You're running 2 ADAD already and still need resources most games. I'm not sure what deck would do this, but it seems fun. Hot streak it up.

Otherwise, I'd strongly recommend just grabbing ADAD instead. The benefit of Hot Streak over an Emergency Cache is +2 resources; for just one more xp, you can get that benefit at the start of every single game (and not have to worry about hot streak's high initial cost).

Hot Streak (4) is more of the same, except even more variance-heavy. Unless you have ADADx2 or some insane draw power, grab ADAD first.

dichromate · 7

As Luke Robinson you are not worried about any enemies around you. As soon as they form a threat you just hop into your Gate Box and zip out of arms way. That is untill you meet this card. "Hello snakes!"

nungunungu · 3
You open the gate box and a snake pops out! — SGPrometheus · 189
what snake pops out? — Alogon · 376
@alogon I don't know; I was trying to figure out the lore reason why this card made your items blank, and I decided they were covered in snakes. — SGPrometheus · 189