Dr. Elli Horowitz

Norman Withers can play stupid games with this lady.

Namely, True Magick takes up neither hand nor arcane slots while under her control. He can place it on top of his deck for guaranteed tutor using his signature. Both his signature and True Magick can be tutored by Research Librarian.

Norman also gets to play dumb games like using Livre d'Eibon to place Enraptured on top of his deck, then Written in the Stars to place a load of charges on something while spending a whole turn investigating 6... something like True Magick.

With Astrological Atlas/Livre d'Eibon in play, you can get away with a serious amount of shenanigans recurring cards like Enraptured and Fearless. Eli holding True Magick, you can also get a giant Clairvoyance or Shriveling once a round only limited by what you've got in your hand, and Norman, being a Seeker, can draw like a beast.

This card is nuts on True Magick, and Norman is a great candidate for reaching both.

You can even add 2 sign magic 3 and sixth sense in play or something similar. — Django · 3807
Well I guess that's my next campaign sorted — NarkasisBroon · 1
Pocket Telescope

Sounds like a nice item for Trish Scarborough, as it gives her some control over hunting enemies in case you don’t want them to enter your location (you still need to dodge the AoO attack with e.g. Obfuscation )

jcdenton · 3
The Council's Coffer

I wonder how Haste works with The Council's Coffer. You activate two which activates the of Haste. At this point, you can take another . Let suppose that we are in a typical 3-actions-per-round situation for our investigator. My question is: can you use your third action in addition to the allowed by the effect of Hasteto activate The Council's Coffer effect again? It would mean : First action = / Second action = / = again / Third action = .

Tirindor · 1
Actually Haste wouldn't work here, the second Action is part of the cost, so you actually do an "Activate" action once, that costs you 2 actions. If you have 4 actions let's say with Leo de Luca, you would be able to play this twice and then haste would give you an extra Activate action, which wouldn't be enough to trigger a third skill. I hope it's clear, I gave it my all ahah — Valentin1331 · 2507

Grounded (3) is an upgrade from Grounded (1) in all of the ways the other Composures have been upgraded, but also note that the single icon on the level 1 is now ! We have a few cards that care about icons on cards that you don't really want to throw into the discard pile now, notably Well Prepared and Astronomical Atlas. Grounded joins a select few assets that have : quite a few signature cards, but also Prophesiae Profana, the two Precious Mementos, The Black Cat and The Red Clock (5). Grounded at level 3, fast, and 0 resources is the most easily accessible of the bunch so far.

Diana Stanley can take Well Prepared and Astronomical Atlas (though not sure she wants it), and loves the boost on whatever skill she is testing, since she will often test all of her skills. Diana/Well Prepared/Physical Training (2) is already a great combo, but remember that cards like Read the Signs actually are tests, so Grounded (3) does give you a boost there too, both on the wild icons for Well Prepared and the +1 skill boost. Finally, note that using Well Prepared for the icons here makes up for the fact that you can't use its boost on treachery cards, a notable downside already mentioned compared to Holy Rosary.

dscarpac · 36
Awakened Mantle

Awakened Mantle is a great card to have. A 1 cost, slotless asset that lets you soak 1-2 damage and gives you free move actions (especially late in scenarios when most places are flooded) is a bargain.

The agility icon is less useful, as you'll probably be trying to kill Deep Ones rather evade them (other than Elite bosses) due to the Engage penalties they usually have, but the wild icon means that it's not a dead card even if you don't have the action/resource bandwith to play it...