Ace of Rods

So I am thinking that maybe there is a character that goes under looked when considering the Ace of Rods and that is our friendly Pete.

So you lose your tarot slot but the survivor tarot is the most easily skipped so no great loss there.

If you don't draw it in your opening hand it can be fed to your dog like any other card so its lack of icons isn't as much a hindrance.

I also find myself flush with cash to burn in my dark horse pete decks so banking an action for 3 resources being the worst use of this card doesn't seem like a bad use of money I typically end up burning anyway.

The end of the day if it was good enough to include in every deck then it would probably be too good for a neutral 1xp card.

Zerogrim · 11
Yeah , it's in a funny niche in the card pool because it has to work as a SPOILERS pseudo story-asset for the Circle Undone as well. So, it's a tiny , mostly terrible, effect but if it were bigger or had more of an impact then it'd risk muddling up the balance of that campaign. I dunno if there's a solution to that.. — bee123 · 24
The Eye of Truth

For a skill card to cost 5 xp, the effect must be awfully useful, and this card definitely is. It's not just that you're helping the entire team pass an annoying treachery easily; you're also permanently removing one such copy from the game, which is useful in every scenario you can think of and especially ridiculous in The Circle Undone with its "if three of these are in play, bad thing happens" treacheries - Terror in the Night, Ultimate Chaos.

And if that wasn't enough to convince you, it's practiced, meaning you can just pull it with Practice Makes Perfect on any kind of non-treachery test you're having difficulty with. Parley/evade/whatever at +4, then get the card in your hand ready for the next treachery.

Big Iron · 18
Yeah, I feel like Practice Makes Perfect combos quite well with this. I think it especially deserves mention for Joe Diamond, as he both has a ton of good targets for Practice Makes Perfect, and tends to get beat up by treacheries a lot. — Zinjanthropus · 10
Open Gate

As the other reviewer said this card is printed for Luke and only him. His ability to play an event in a connected location is just so versatile. I've recently finished the Return to Night of the Zealot campaign on Expert with Luke and Zoe and Luke was definitely a lifesaver! Especially, in the last scenario he was able to set up a link between a ritual sight and another location in the woods to help Zoe skip the cultists! And he himself Shortcuted through the enemy. The deck I used

Inference: I wouldn't use the gates outside that mystic.

Moreover, I feel like Open Gate has such a synergy with Arcane Initiate.

And... A question: If an investigator with an enemy moves through a gate, will the enemy follow him to that location?

ambiryan13 · 13
Nice review! Arcane Initiate is definetely a must. I will try to give some insight to your question because I am not sure too. I think this works like shortcut: If you are engage with an enemy he moves with you. If this card was like pathfinder the text would be something like "each unengaged investigator etc etc." — Sotosprotos · 34
That means that every treachery, scenario card, attack of opportunity, card and investigator abilities such as Ursula's free movement triggered too. — Sotosprotos · 34
I think enemies in player threat areas don't care about locations, so they will come with you. They only do when they move by themself (for example being hunters). — Django · 2530
Open gate is slighty situational, but I've always found it between awesome and good to have (i never play solo). In worst case it saves some move actions for the other player, in best i can move to the other end of the map and/or park a hunter there. I think every mystic should have an arcane initiate, it's like drawing another card per turn. — Django · 2530
Opening a gate in Pointless reality is also a way to never care about investigating that location! — ambiryan13 · 13
Not really. It helps you once, but it's discarded once the location leaves play, so it's rather a waste. — Django · 2530
It's discarded once it leaves play, but you still paid a card and a resource to save yourself 2 horror and get most of your turn back, which is not a bad ROI. — Death by Chocolate · 13
Definitely not a waste if you have two party members carrying Open Gate. You "wasted" one copy, but you still have two to spare — Yenreb · 1
Decorated Skull

This card became more useful with the new swarm mechanic introduced in Dream Eaters circle. Now investigators such as Leo and Tony can benefit from killing a lot more than before. Some low enemies like Zoogs and Rats can be killed easily with a weapon with +1 damage, so the charges will stack a lot faster than normaly. Combine it with Haste and you can trigger the action of Decorated skull by free. I am looking forward to test it!

Sotosprotos · 34
I agree that you'll get lots of charges, but i don't think you have enough time to spend them all if you want to complete scenarios. — Django · 2530
I have wanted to love this card with Leo (or Tony) but I just couldn't take the action in the middle to the end of the scenario to use the charges. The Haste combo that you mention might make it possible though. — TWWaterfalls · 418
I used it with Tony to good effect. He already gets plenty of resources, but sometimes you need to take draw actions, and getting even more resources helps pay for the new weapons you need to play, since he tends to burn through ammo fast. — Yenreb · 1

Something funny happened in a Forgotten Age Campaign. Because Rita Young drew this this card while engaged with Harbinger of Valusia, she was able to repeatedly evade it without re-engaging in order to give it resources and make it go away!

jmmeye3 · 243
Haha! I've done that trick with Unspeakable Oath (Cowardice) before. — Zinjanthropus · 10