Delilah O'Rourke

Stealth or Anatomical Diagrams + Delilah = free cultist killer! Finn is wild with her! To finish Elites - Sawed-Off Shotgun with Sure Gamble Rouges are too cool! You can handle this game, man! This guy has grown so much through Dream Eaters

ambiryan13 · 13
I don't think that works with stealth. AFAICT Stealth just reduces the enemy's agility for the duration of the test. Also it does not exhaust the enemy, so you would only be able to do 1 damage (which is enough for Acolytes, but not for e.g. a Wizard of the Order) — Zinjanthropus · 10
Reducing it for the duration of the test is enough because you can trigger Delilah during one of the two free trigger windows during the test. But yeah, it does only deal 1 damage that way and makes it take an action unless you’re using the upgraded Stealth. — Death by Chocolate · 13

Posting a ruling clarification from Matt here.

My Question:

In the scenario City of Archives, Act 3a Repossession reads, "Action: Spend 1 clue: Draw. Draw 2 cards instead of 1. If your hand exceeds your maximum hand size, draw 1 additional card." Question 1: Let's say my max hand size is 4. If I have 3 cards currently in my hand, and I trigger the action on the act, do I draw 2 cards, or do I draw 3 cards? In other words, when is the condition "If your hand exceeds your maximum hand size" being assessed? Question 2: If the additional card applies to this draw. Are the 3 cards drawn simultaneously, or am I drawing 2 cards, and then drawing one more card? In other words, is this one draw effect or two draw effects? This matters for some cards such as Amnesia. Thank you!

Answer from Matt Newman:

It is all one draw effect—you draw 2 cards, plus 1 additional card if your hand exceeds your maximum hand size. (In your example, you would only draw 2 cards, because your hand size does not currently exceed your maximum hand size.) Hope that helps!

iceysnowman · 128
This aligns with my interpretation (from rulings on "additional" elsewhere). Always nice to have confirmation! Thank you for sharing his response. — Yenreb · 1
.35 Winchester

I was thinking about a deck that could make Winchester work (Jim Culver), and here are my thoughts about it:

  1. Additional damage is unreliable if you don't have a way to fish for tokens. Even then, you are wasting too much resources and cards to make it work (Dark Prophecy for example).
  2. The card requires 2 hands, so it requires 100% commitment. Overall, the card would be great if it said "if a token with +1 or 0 MODIFIER is revealed". This way, Jim's skulls counted as 0s would proc the effect and additional modifiers from the scenarios would work as well (e.g. X, where X is the number of doom in play with 0 doom in play).
Pytellone · 22
Vast Expanse

For each point you fail by, take 1 horror. Sentence quite scary since Rotting Remains first revelation. Vast Expanse can be less scary than Rotting Remains, it can be exactly like Rotting Remains but if there is a lot of extradimensional locations in play, its effect can be even worser. Autofailing (5) can end your campaign easily. My own experience. Everything was very good, all Rex needs was to survive mythos phase and resign. It never happened...

johniez · 2
That's why i run Forewarned in all low sanity characters that can get 1 lvl Seeker such as Roland or Joe Diamond to tackle all those nasty treacheries. But Rex has a lot of sanity, so, perhaps this card was overkill.... I think everything is depending from the scenario outcome. — Sotosprotos · 34
We just restarted TCE after daisy was defeated in first scenario. Deny Existence proved to be a live saver (or hand cards if you auto fail diabolic voices) on the second run. — Django · 2530
I meant TCU — Django · 2530
Open Gate

Two additional janky situations:

  • Have Open Gates in two characters. Then the card does not only skip backtracking, but let's you skip parts of the map. Some copies might be useless, though.
  • Play an Open Gate with "You owe me one" from the hand of your friendly neighborhood mystic. You can do this from the other side of the map. Sure, it's not fast anymore, but enables you to reunite your party. Played this in Lost in Time and Space to pull the Akachi of the team to the top as Mandy.
trazoM · 7