Test Icons:

Falls diese Fertigkeitsprobe gelingt, wähle eine -Karte in deinem Ablagestapel, die nicht den Kartennamen Einfallsreich hat. Füge die gewählte Karte deiner Hand hinzu.

Audrey Hotte
Der Pfad nach Carcosa #39.

Recursion of things in any game is incredibly important and always worth looking at.

Resourceful is such a great card. Being able to recur any Survivor card of your choice back into your hand is just amazing. The fact that it applies +1 to three stats means it can be flexibly thrown into just about any skill check (short of helping Mystics out with their spells or trying to avoid most Encounter cards).

Resourceful acts as copies number 3 and possibly even 4 of your favorite cards. More Lucky! to help spike tests you are just about to fail? More Look What I Found? for fast clue gathering? More Will to Survive for even more insane turns? Actually, the best time to use Resourceful is right after you play Will to Survive to guarantee you can pull it back into your hand for the next turn.

Resourceful has a slight bit of trouble with Wendy's Amulet, as her Amulet will force event cards to the bottom of her deck. Timing when to play her amulet can be tricky given the presence of Resourceful. Regardless, you shouldn't anticipate this to happen, and should even use it if just to pull back other skill cards or asset cards that she can use to boost more stats.

Worst case scenario, you can throw this into a skill check to pull back another card with the intent of throwing it into another skill check. Sometimes, when you're low on cards, being able to push through a little more value in your tests is worth it.

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