Forced Learning

I would replace "During each upkeep phase, instead of drawing 1 card, draw 2 cards and discard 1 of them." to:

"During each upkeep phase, instead of drawing 1 card, look at the top 2 cards of your deck. Draw 1 and any weakness among them. Discard the rest."

It seems fair middle road to me. I think both other interpretations are unbalanced. If you draw a weakness with it, then allowing to discard that weaknesses (right after the revelation) is too powerful if it's a crippling asset or enemy. Then there's the other way, forcing a discard of the other card makes it near unplayable. You would not only be getting the activation of a weakness, but also losing a (good) card!

Weges · 30
How does forcing a discard of the other card make it 'near unplayable'? It just means that once or twice each scenario you will get a weakness during your draw step instead of a card - same as for everyone else. I agree that the ability to discard weaknesses after revelation is certainly not intended. — Death by Chocolate · 1021
With 'near unplayable' I meant: The card is only worth getting if you massively value the flexibility. — Weges · 30
Astronomical Atlas

In an Agnes Baker or a Lola Hayes deck, the Astronomical atlas can inform you that your weakness is on the top of your deck, which allows you to use Yaotl to discard it from the top of your deck.

Not good enough to include Astronomical atlas if you had planned to use Yaotl, but a good reason to include Yaotl if you had already planned to use the Atlas.

Of course the best solution (to eliminate weaknesses) is Scroll of Secrets (3): look at the bottom 3 cards and discard the weakness among the 3 cards if any. And combined with Astronomical atlas you can even eliminate 2 weaknesses among the 3 cards if necessary (but only Lola and alternate Daisy can have both cards I think).

AlexP · 175
Lesson Learned

I've played this game, true solo, a lot for the past year or so but never written a review. This card deserves a raving one! Consider how many locations there are at end game where you need to clear clues to win, usually 2/player. There's an enemy there to mess you up. Game over for him/her/it (!), if you have the health/sanity to give. My advice if you're playing solo: Include it as soon as you can, should you be able to. Finishes scenarios in a hurry.

Skrattmas · 6

FYI: If you take both Short Supply and Moonstone, then when your first turn of the game begin, if your Moonstone is one of the ten cards that get discarded, you can immediately play it right from the start. This is quite a neat way to start the game with +1 willpower and + 1 evade. This definitely would be something Patrice Hathaway want to do, but all other investigators who can take both cards should also seriously consider this little combo if they choose to take either Short Supply or vice versa Moonstone, including Lola Hayes (which pumps her willpower and evade to a respectable 4 from the start).

Correction: this does not work because Moonstone needs to be played from your hand.

liwl0115 · 15
It has to be discarded from your hand, not your deck — dscarpac · 50
yikes, you are correct. — liwl0115 · 15
Pushed into the Beyond

Just a quick note for beginners: cards in your hand or discard pile are also controlled by you and can be chosen to satisfy the card condition. It doesn't have to be a card in play. (see page 16 in the reference guide)

Lindan · 1
Are they "assets" while in your hand, though, or just "asset cards"? — OrionJA · 1
This is incorrect. Cards will only interact with cards in play unless otherwise specified, this is why you can't discard from hand on a failed Crypt Chill. Cards will specify 'from hand' if it's an option. — SSW · 155
Yup, from "Ability" in the Rules Reference: Card abilities only interact with other cards that are in play, unless the ability specifically references an interaction with cards in an out-of-play area. ... The various types of card abilities are: ... revelation abilities ... — Thatwasademo · 42
So, even though you control the cards in your hand or discard pile, because those are out-of-play zones you can't have Pushed into the Beyond target them. — Thatwasademo · 42