Taktik. Schachzug.

Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

Als zusätzliche kosten, um Verzweiflungstat zu spielen, wähle eine Gegenstand-Vorteilskarte, die mindestens 1 Handslot benötigt, von deiner Hand oder aus deiner Spielzone und lege sie ab.

Kampf. Du bekommst für diesen Angriff +X und fügst +1 Schaden zu, wobei X den aufgedruckten Ressourcenkosten der gewählten Vorteilskarte entspricht. Falls die Probe gelingt und sich jene Vorteilskarte in deiner Spielzone befunden hat, erhälst du X Ressourcen.

Joshua Cairós
Der gebrochene Kreis #37.

Don't sleep on this card!

The real power here is in gaining back a bunch of resources from a spent item while also gaining tempo by dealing 2 damage for 0 resources. Cards that grant click compression tend to be among the best cards in the game. The "if you succeed" clause is also generally fine coming from the faction with both Lucky! and Live and Learn.

So what deck can use an Act of Desperation? Honestly, anything with Backpack, it has almost perfect synergy with that card and deckbuilding style. Mark Harrigan puts this under his Stick to the Plan to recoup the investment on his Lightning Gun or M1918 BAR. Survivors tend to be swimming in cheap items and card draw so it can act as a backup to Fire Axe (at least until they all upgrade to Ornate Bow or Timeworn Brand).

Then on top of all of this, the card has symbols like so much gravy.

The_Wall · 173
The most obvious abuse of this card is Yorick discarding a empty or jammed Old hunting rifle killing the monster and playing the rifle back at no cost — Susu · 28
In a Mark Harrigan deck you can even put a Well-mainted on your "big gun" to get it in your hand and replay it short after. — AlexP · 45

There is a lot to this card because it gives you so many interesting options to work with.

  • The asset you discard influences the power of the attack.
  • The asset may be discarded from hand or play.
  • It can be any hand item, including empty guns and flashlights.
  • It may yield resources.
  • It's a tactic.

Being a and tactic card, aimed at focused characters this card currently benefits mostly William Yorick, Silas Marsh and interestingly, Mark Harrigan.

First off, discarding stuff is usually negative, so it's a good idea to try and find ways to make the discard work with us instead of against us, use it on assets that you've finished using like an empty Flashlight or ammoless gun to recurse the cost, .45 Automatic is a good early target and later there's Old Hunting Rifle or Lightning Gun or whatever weapons Mark Harrigan went with. The discard mechanic has Yoricks name written all over it since he can discard the asset, then use the gained cash to replay it immediately, one trick is discarding a jammed rifle and replaying it immediately.

If that was the only thing this card did, why does it even allow discarding from hand? The option is there, so when do you use it? You might for example be in a circumstance where a shot from a gun would be wasted (like to kill a Ghoul Minion with a Shotgun blast). A Baseball Bat might break on the first hit and you need a +1 damage attack to finish the foe. It also means that you can get some use out of backup items that you don't need to get into play, like a Machete that you wont play because you already got the other one (also this bypasses the engagement requirement).

When all else fails to be useful you still sit on a nice boost.

That all sounds real good right? Well. Now have fun affording it a deckslot ;)

Tsuruki23 · 1128
It has also partial synergy with Improvised Weapon.. — XehutL · 45
How does it have partial synergy with Improvised Weapon? — Death by Chocolate · 56
Perhaps I should have used indirect. With Improvised Weapon you do want play weapons from discard pile. With this card you can throw them there and have something out of it. — XehutL · 45
Oops, I forgot how that card works. So as I have written nothing, sorry :) — XehutL · 45