Test Icons:

Trage diese Karte nur zu einer Fertigkeitsprobe bei, zu der keine anderen Karten beigetragen werden. Zu dieser Fertigkeitsprobe können keine anderen Karten beigetragen werden.

Letzte Chance verliert ein für jede Karte auf deiner Hand.

John Pacer
Das Vergessene Zeitalter #36.
Letzte Chance

TL;DR: You will routinely play this for 3 or 4 icons and be happy for it.

Don't underestimate this beute. Depending on your investigator, having just 2-3 cards in your hand isn't an unlikely scenario. If this is one of three cards in your hand when played, that means you're getting 3 icons. One of two cards, 4 icons. Last card, 5 icons.

3 icons is by no means bad for a skill card, if a 3 icon "Play only if you have 2 or less other cards in your hand" existed, people would play it. This is that card, and then some.

4 Icons for one card is terrific, and definitely and achievable play once or twice in a scenario.

5 Icons is the golden-egg-laying goose that you think you're picking this card for, but believe me, this is not going to happen a lot.

Wendy and Ashcan, with their card discard mechanics are the obvious optimal character to use this card with, thanks to their innate discard abilities, on the other hand if Last Chance doesn't look playable they can discard it for their abilities.

Tsuruki23 · 2016

Last Chance could work with "Ashcan" Pete after Duke ate all his cards. For other investigators, maintaining a healthy hand size is pretty useful toward having options against the menaces that comes up against you. If you have 3 other cards in hand, Unexpected Courage is a much better pick. I cannot imagine investigator wasting his or her limited off-faction card allowance on this.

Euruzilys · 11
There may be times in a scenario when you've run out of options and emptied your hand dealing with the encounter deck, at which time this card would shine. However, I agree with you that putting it in the deck for that fringe case is probably not as strong as putting in a card that directly helps you. — SGPrometheus · 531
Might be good for someone with the #Amnesia weakness. — Ezhaeu · 38
I've actually come around to this card after reading the other review; many investigators probably sit at around 2 or 3 cards in hand, at which point this is +2 or +3, so it's pretty strong. — SGPrometheus · 531