Enthüllung - Bringe Schlangenplage in deiner Bedrohungszone ins Spiel. Falls du vergiftet bist, erhält Schlangenplage Nachrüsten.

Behandle das Textfeld jeder deiner Nicht-Schwäche-Gegenstand-Vorteilskarten, als ob es leer wäre (mit Ausnahme von Merkmalen).

Erzwungen - Am Ende der Runde: Lege Schlangenplage ab.

Mike Nash
Das Vergessene Zeitalter #99. Yigs Gift #3-4.
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As Luke Robinson you are not worried about any enemies around you. As soon as they form a threat you just hop into your Gate Box and zip out of arms way. That is untill you meet this card. "Hello snakes!"

nungunungu · 4
You open the gate box and a snake pops out! — SGPrometheus · 537
what snake pops out? — Alogon · 708
@alogon I don't know; I was trying to figure out the lore reason why this card made your items blank, and I decided they were covered in snakes. — SGPrometheus · 537