Durchgang zum Heiligtum - Back

Hinter einem steinernen Torbogen liegt eine Eisentür, die dich mit ungelüfteten Geheimnissen und verborgenen Wahrheiten verspottet.


Loge. Heiligtum.

Shroud: 3. Clues: 2.

Erzwungen - Sobald die Runde endet: Jeder Ermittler und jede Verbündeter-Vorteilskarte im Zeremoniensaal nimmt 1 direkten Horror. Hebe diesen Effekt auf, falls einer der Ermittler im Zeremoniensaal den -Schlüssel kontrolliert.

Victory 2.
In der Mitte des Raumes befindet sich ein kunstvoll gemeißelter Steinaltar. Blut fließt vom Altar durch eine Reihe kleiner Kanäle im Mosaikfußboden.
Robert Laskey
Für das große Ganze #214. Für das große Ganze #18.


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So you're playing your game as normal. You've completed the first two acts. You know what you need to do to complete the third and final act. There are three enemies on the board and two MAYBE three more rounds worth of doom left on the agenda. It's tight, but you can win if you just stick to the plan. And then you look and there's these two locations that don't seem to have anything to do with the scenario. Why is this even here? And you read the text on the back...

I don't imagine a lot of people would be reading reviews of individual location cards on here, but this particular one is proof of how brilliantly this game is designed. The creaters knew exactly what both the game state and your own state of mind would be when you are considering going there. In its first play through, it stokes the players' curiosity and their willingness to risk it all just to learn a bit more. The text on the back is just perfect. It knows who you are and speaks directly to your investigative gamer's soul.