Verrat. Grundschwäche


Multiplayer only.

Revelation - Put Narcolepsy into play in your threat area.

You cannot take actions, trigger abilities, or play cards.

: "Wake up!" Discard Narcolepsy.

Forced - After you take damage or horror: Discard Narcolepsy.

Nicholas Stohlman
The Dream-Eaters #37.

So this card doesn't seem to work as it was probably intended!

The multiplayer-only nature of the card makes it seem like it is intended for other investigators to come and wake you up when you fall asleep. In that case, the should have the added text, "Other investigators at your location can take this action." You can't wake yourself up after all (since Narcolepsy prevents you from taking actions), and as written that action cannot be used at all.

The_Wall · 170
Other investigators can interact with cards on your threat area. It doesn't need to be specified. In fact there are several other weaknesses that other investigators can resolve for you, such as hospital debts — Weirdmarine · 3
Weirdmarine is right here. The card works as intended — Difrakt · 741
As a follow-up, i feel like this card was printed specifically to draw attention to the fact that other investigators can interact with cards in your threat area, as it's not well known. — SGPrometheus · 205
Entombed is one of my favourites for demonstrating this interaction. Love the image of multiple investigators working together to get you out of the rubble — NarkasisBroon · 1

The wording of the card suggests that the victim CAN commit skills while asleep, which is... interesting. Fits the cycle thematically, too... you're asleep but still helping your friends from the Dreamworld.

Amante · 3
It’s interesting and also enables you to pass a catastrophic test during the Mythos phase before it could be removed. — Death by Chocolate · 13
You can't play action while in Narcolepsy. Other players had to wake you up. — Jashugan · 1