Bund. Verflucht.

Cost: –. XP: 2.


Permanent. Nur 1 Bund pro Deck.

Sobald während einer Fertigkeitsprobe ein Ermittler an deinem Ort einen -Marker enthüllt, erschöpfe Unaufrichtiger Bund: Hebe jenen Chaosmarker auf, lege ihn in den Markervorrat zurück und enthülle einen weiteren Marker.

Tiziano Baracchi
Zu tief drin #116.
Unaufrichtiger Bund


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I've been messing around with a Dexter deck that was using Faustian Bargain for economy. It works pretty well, but the Curse tokens were occasionally annoying. This card would make it work better (and maybe encourage Dexter to mess around with more curses), but is it 2 XP worth of good? That probably depends on whether anyone else is dumping Curses in the bag.

At least, spend 2 exp in a card that will be always with you is way more interesting than spend exp to another card that could not be drawn for entire scenarios. Anyway, as you said, all that bless/curse mechanics seems interesting only if there is a good portion of the investigators commiting to it. — Venti · 1