Taktik. Improvisiert.

Cost: 2.


Wähle eine Waffe- oder Werkzeug-Vorteilskarte in deinem Ablagestapel. Handle eine -Fähigkeit auf ihr ab, wobei du alle Kosten ignorierst (einschließlich -Kosten). Nachdem dieser Effekt abgehandelt worden ist, mische die gewählte Vorteilskarte in dein Deck. Das Spielen dieser Karte provoziert keine Gelegenheitsangriffe.

Lin Hsiang
Das Fest von Hemlock Vale (Ermittler-Erweiterung) #113.
Bis an die Belastungsgrenze


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: How does Pushed to the Limit interact with Fire Extinguisher (3) that's in my discard pile if I choose to exile Fire Extinguisher instead of discarding it? A: Since Pushed to the Limit ignores all costs of resolving the ability on Fire Extinguisher, you would resolve the ability without paying the “cost” of exiling Fire Extinguisher, instead shuffling it back into your deck after evading. (March 2024)
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Obviously a good finisher with Sledgehammer, maybe even with the second copy already in play. William Yorick can utilize a boss stomper power turn with this card and the extra action from either Galvanize or Police Badge.

Overall, I thought this would be a great recursion card and tried it in my Bob Jenkins item deck, but I found that I want my items going from hand to play area to discard pile (and on and on and on), not into my deck, so it felt odd and eventually went out.

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