Cost: 1. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Schnell. Spiele diese Karte, nachdem du einen Gegner besiegt hast.

Du entdeckst 1 Hinweis an deinem Ort (statt dessen 2 Hinweise, falls du in deinem Zug Gegner mit aufgedruckter Gesamtausdauer von mindestens 4 besiegt hast).

Genau wie ich vermutet habe!
Mark Behm
Nathaniel Cho #20.

Bigger enemy, more clues. Simple, effective. If a little specific.

This is not a Bread & butter upgrade, it is'nt nearly catch-all enough. But it's a brilliant way to spend 2 XP in order to keep your deck synergy functional, I.E, rather than upgrading from Evidence! into something completely different, you get this small boost that keeps the card revelant in the long run.

This ought the be among the last 30-something XP you spend in a deck.

Tsuruki23 · 2016