Verrat. Schwäche


Enthüllung - Bringe den Fluch des Rougarou in deiner Bedrohungszone ins Spiel.

Erzwungen - Falls du am Ende deines Zuges in dieser Runde keinen Schaden zugefügt hast: Nimm 1 Horror.

Dein Magen dreht sich um und du fühlst, wie ein schrecklicher Hunger dich in Wellen überkommt.
Kim Artem
Der Fluch des Rougarou #29. Der Fluch des Rougarou #2.
Der Fluch des Rougarou
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • When Curse of the Rougarou is 'put into play' in the lead investigator's threat area, 'put into play' means essentially the same thing as 'add'. After the scenario, the curse is added to that investigator's deck for the remainder of the campaign.
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For most investigators, this weakness is very punishing, especially those with low sanity, like most guardians.

However enter the dreamteam, Carolyn Fern and Peter Sylvestre! She complains how she'd like to eat something human or monstrous... dealing him 1 horror. He disbelieves it, heals his horror and pays her for her great jokes. If this isn't a win-win situation, turning this weakness into a great source of income?

Building around these cards, Calling in Favors allows you to search for peter but requires you to have 4-6 allies in total to work consistently. Those cheap seeker soaks work pretty well.

To get the weakness into play isn't as easy, but any seeker card, draw or tutor helps to locate it. As weakness, you don't even need to spend an action to play it.

The accompanying Monstrous Transformation isn't as beneficial for her, as it reduces her to 2. But it boosts her to 5, so she can fight for once. However it's not very likely you'll see this card every game with only 1 copy in your deck and your focus on finding the weakness, so i wouldn't rely on it.

Django · 4106
While Carolyn gets benefit from Peter taking the horror, it’s owrth noting that both Calvin and Preston who benefit extraordinarily from the Transformation can run Peter Sylvestre. — Death by Chocolate · 1105
Similarly, Sister Mary seems like a good choice as well for this. She has supportive options for horror healing (Book of Psalms), she's usually damaging things every turn anyways, and Monstrous Transformation will only penalize her with a 1 reduction in her will, in exchange for a 2 increase to both Agility and Strength. — AdamMal4444 · 5