Fire Fighting For Change

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Heeeeeres Tommy! Australia Fire Crisis Support 15 6 2 1.0

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As I'm sure folks know, Australia is experiencing horrendous wild fires across much of the east of the country.

One of our regular listeners, Jarrod Davies (often seen online as Doovies) lives in Australia. While he's safe at the moment, he's on alert with a fire evacuation plan in place. He recently posted the following on Facebook:

"Many homes have been destroyed, many animals are now on the verge of being endangered and many Volunteer Fire Fighters have lost their lives.

And now the fear and danger is ever present for my friends and family.

The month of January I will be making a substantial donation to the RFS Rural Fire Service.

On top of that, as a community, for every picture in a post or private message of your games of Arkham with a Fire axe or Fire Extinguisher in play, I'll donate a further $5 and match the total amount dollar for dollar.

Simply tag me in an image of your game and I'll put a further $5 in on your behalf."

If you want to donate yourself, or simply get more information, check out the link to the Volunteer Fire Service here.

I've made the attached deck featuring both Fire Axe and Fire Extinguisher, so you've got no excuse not to be playing with them both!


Jan 02, 2020 Doovies · 407

Thank you, both you and Frank. for showing your support behind this cause. I do like the thematic vibe to this! You've done well.

Please if you're reading this, follow the link above and donate if you are feeling very generous.

Alternatively, play this deck in one of your games or simply another Investigator with a Fire Axe or Fire Extinguisher in play. Share a post on Facebook, Discord, Reddit, etc and tag me (Jarrod Davies, Doovies, etc) and i'll donate $5 on your behalf and match the total amount of all contributors.

Thank you Investigators.

Jan 04, 2020 Lord Triloth · 228

Very nice action. Worth to support

Jan 16, 2020 Oubliette · 1