Ursula - Fast and Curious. (Standalone & Blob Ready)

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I am not involved in the running of the worldwide blob. Please direct any question about it to the below link.

The regular Edinburgh Arkham LGC folk, including myself, have ran a couple of local Blob events recently and I typically make spare decks for newbies, or people without their own sets etc. With everyone indoors and a World Wide Blob on Table Top Simulator (TTS) in the planning (LINK HERE), I thought i would publish a few to help people interested in joining in.

THESE GUIDES ARE SPOILER FREE, and the decks are not specifically tailored for the Blob per se, but most have beaten it, and/or other standalones (Mainly Egypt and Hotel)at least once. They are at least designed to be easy to pilot, and resilient to certain Blob effects so no one has their core deck mechanic overly neutered by bad luck... unless its really bad luck ;)

The other decks can be found here





A simple to pilot, “hit the ground running” Ursula build focussed on Ursula's natural core activities of: movement, investigating & evasion. If you want a deck that skirts around the edges, gathering information and thinking on your feet rather than facing the horrors head on, this may be the deck for you. The game plan is simple keep moving, keep revealing more of the map all the while building up an assets which interact with movement and investigating until a critical mass is reached. Feel free to leave clues here and there as you`ll pass by again later, or once a good deal of the map is open, a cheeky Deciphered Reality will hoover up all the leftovers!


  • ROLE: ............................. Cluer/Evader
  • COMPLEXITY: ................ Simple.
  • THEMATIC FEEL: ........... Impatient, flighty, insatiably curious.


  • CLUEING: ....................... Hard Core
  • ENEMY HANDLING: ...... Evader
  • ENCOUNTER PROT: ...... High
  • MENTAL DEFENCES: ..... High
  • TEAM SUPPORT: ........... Minimal






Prioritise buffs and Pathfinder early game This is the core of your activity. Combining your free investigation and Pathfinder is a bit like having 4 or 5 actions a turn since moving and investigating are two things you want to be doing anyway. Getting to about 6 or 7 on basic investigate actions will mean you rarely fail and can handle high shrouds if needed. And Dr. Milan Christopher will provide a lot of cash over a game if you see him early enough.

Then add protection. After that aim to get Tooth of Eztli/Trench Coat down. Until you have them you have a wealth of skill cards to tide you over, and its ok to take a little horror from Call of the Unknown, you can heal it back with Logical Reasoning eventually.

Deciphered Reality can be used from your action. Your instigates any investigate action which can include events which trigger investigate actions. Notice also that Deciphered Reality gives you ADDITIONAL clues from each location, including your own so you effectively get 2 clues from your own space, more if you threw in a Deduction or two.

Save "I've got a plan!" for a desperate moment with 1 you are not going to be attacking very often. You effectively have 2 attack buttons a game, and at 3 cost they are very expensive. Keep them for when you cant evade your way out of a problem or someone else cant do the fighting





Hemispheric Map is Blob tech This is not really a spoiler. The reason for this will be extremely apparent during setup. Feel free to swap it out to taste on other Scs, though a lot of other standalones have wide maps so while getting +2 and may be rare, its very rarely going to be blank.

Should i use the Taboo Dr. Milan Christopher? *This list was made with a completely new player in mind, so i have largely ignored the taboo rules in the guide. A good rule of thumb is that if you play enough to know what the taboo list is, you probably should be using it for your own game balancing enjoyment. If you are new and still getting used to the game, then seriously ignore it. (For anyone confused its a list of card variant recommendations by the designer to rebalance the game a bit, and milan is usually played as 1 a turn for example).


Apr 06, 2020 TWWaterfalls · 418

This looks very similar to my Ursula decks aside from I go for Elli and the Bow. My other big XP investment is Arcane Insight (instead of Deciphered Reality) since it takes up an unused slot just in case the Bow ends up in Ursula's hands instead of Elli.

But I have settled on Mag Glass and the boring Flashlight since Ursula can start grabbing 1-2 clues each round in round 1. Cheap and Fast. My plan is to start fast and end early. Nothing more satisfying than finishing with 3-5 rounds left on the Doom Clock.