[Guide] Leo let the dogs out.

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Calprinicus · 3086


This deck exploits Sled Dog & gets the full pack out quickly using Calling in Favors & Lucid Dreaming. I run double Charisma since it's a permanent, but the new Rod of Animalism is a cheaper alternative.


You are focused on combat & removing enemies. Sled Dog help you move around the board & fight. A full pack can get you almost anywhere & kill almost any non-elite.

With The Star • XVII you have 12 extra health & sanity to play with so feel free to take some hits for the team.

You can probably upgrade into a more reliable weapon, but the Switchblade is cheap, fast, and decent after the dogs are exhausted. Survival Knife Timeworn Brand, and Cyclopean Hammer are all great alternatives.

Early game

Find your Sled Dogs with Calling in Favors & Lucid Dreaming. You should be able to get 1 each turn with Leo's .

Faustian Bargain, Easy Mark, & Lone Wolf help for the large cost of playing the dogs.


That resource generation, after the dogs are on the table, help pay for cluing with Keen Eye.

Late Game

Engage & Tank the enemies attacks with your Sled Dog pack to keep the other investigators unengaged. The Star • XVII gives you a lot of help here. Once the other investigators have done, use "I'm outta here!" to resign (if able).


Sep 15, 2021 zacharylky · 1

Would you get the new animal staff in this deck? Seems that you can use that to play more guard dogs and sled dogs as well.

Sep 15, 2021 Calprinicus · 3086

Yeah I mentioned this: "I run double Charisma since it's a permanent, but the new Rod of Animalism is a cheaper alternative."

While cheaper (xp) than a Charisma, it's not a permanent and means you have to (1) replace a card of your 30 card deck for it (2) draw into it (3) need to play it. It's significantly slower & less reliable than charisma.

Sep 15, 2021 zacharylky · 1

Oh yes, I meant if you would also include the new rod of animalism additionally, together with Charisma in this deck. In that way you could have more than 4 sled dogs out (assuming your friends are willing to carry some Sled Dogs in their decks and you teamwork it out).

I misread the text on Mitch Brown as well so I thought you wouldn't have space for all your allies out in your deck at one time, my bad.

Sep 15, 2021 acotgreave · 158

Thank you for this! I was going to try and build a Leo/Sled Dog deck, but you've done such a great job, I don't think I need to. Those dogs are going to create some amazing story moments in many scenarios, especially ones that take place inside. Zipping around the Miskatonic Museum, because you have a set of dogs? Bring it on!

Sep 18, 2021 +DAGON+ · 1

как вы делаете код из 5ти символов?