Hammer-Time Lily, after TFA (50+XP)

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DerBK · 166

My Lily Chen deck that accompanied Monterey Jack in taking a stroll through the Return to Forgotten Age (Two-Handed Solo, Standard difficulty), with a short diversion from the Blob side scenario. This is the deck that she took into Shattered Eons.

The idea is pretty simple: Find and play one of the big melee weapons, put an Enchant Weapon on it, then go to town on any fools in your way. Enchanted Blade can do in a pinch until you found a proper weapon. And a big chunk of fighty events make sure you are never really out of options when having to handle enemies.

Bandolier i like as just a static +1 Willpower, but the option to equip a second weapon is certainly great as well.

Well Prepared is something i pretty much always buy when playing TFA. Leeching icons off of Veda or the Relic is just too good. But the three big weapons do have good icons as well to use with it.

Stick To The Plan is completely devoted to making the first turn better: Find a weapon with Prepared for the Worst, then play your hand with Ever Vigilant. Pay for it all with Emergency Cache if you have to.

Prophetic is a cool piece of economy. Pay 3 once, then get discounts on all spells and spirit cards going forwards. Super worth it. I did also consider Brawler, but that would've been more for the fight bonus - something that is already covered by Well Prepared.

I drew Through the Gates as my weakness which is why i diversified my assets so much. Removing a Butterfly Sword is bad enough. But at least that way i still have other weapons around.

Sadly, i didn't record my level zero deck, as that would be quite the comparison. Due to the high amount of XP that TFA throws at you, Lily morphed from Mystic to Guardian almost completely, leaving only the counterspells and the Razor.

Lily was really good for TFA. Those Disciplines did a lot of work, most of all the Willpower one to wipe away trauma at the start of the game and the agility one to scare away the Harbinger or rampage through Vengeful Snakes. Thanks to the many fight events (and Bandolier) in the deck i never had an issue having three different fight options available. She acquired her fourth Discipline after City of Archives.

Favorite moment of the campaign: Smashing an Oozewraith (7 health) with an Enchanted Sledgehammer's triple action after Monterey pushed it into Lily's location with Gene Beauregard. Chef's Kiss.