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manfromleng · 72

This is the Jim Culver deck I built for All Purple All The Time, a challenge of sorts issued by The Arkham Chronicle YouTube Channel. You can find the video about Jim Culver and the deck at

Earlier this month, I was approached by Ed from The Arkham Chronicle to participate in a collaboration involving four podcasts – The Arkham Chronicle, Mythosbusters, Drawn to the Flame and myself, The Whisperer in Darkness.

Ed pitched the idea that each podcast would design a deck using one of the four Mystic investigators available in the game. Each deck would be built on the assumption that it would be played in a four-player game with the other three Mystics. However, each deck would be build in secret, forcing each of us to speculate and anticipate what the others would bring to the table.

I built a deck for Jim Culver, while The Arkham Chronicle built a deck for Marie Lambeau. Mythosbusters and Drawn to Flame built decks for Agnes Baker and Akachi Onyele, respectively.

I discuss Jim Culver and the deck in more detail in the video. Briefly, I wanted to build a deck that could investigate really well, because I assumed the group would be playing The Path to Carcosa campaign. I also wanted the option to upgrade the deck to resemble FBone's 'Invincible Jim' deck, which attempts to abuse Grotesque Statue and Scavenging. Finally, I wanted to explore the idea of Jim as a Mystical Busker who could offload extra resources, items and assets to the other Mystics if necessary, hence the copies of Teamwork.

When I sat down to build the deck, I decided to start with the Ally slot, since I think it's one of the most interesting decisions that you need to make when teaming up with three other Mystics. I settled on Dr. Milan Christopher, because I assumed the Marie Lambeau deck would take Alyssa Graham. Leo De Luca is also a viable option, although you're giving up the precious Intellect icon.

Make sure you check out the other decks on their respective podcasts:

Marie Lambeau -
Agnes Baker -
Akachi Onyele -

Do you think four Mystics have a chance, or is it a case of too many sorcerers spoil the magic? Let us know how we did!


Dec 27, 2017 Darthcaboose · 132

What a great concept! Really looking forward to seeing all the other Mystic decks that the others will create.

This comment is written without looking at any of the other Investigators coming our way from the other podcast/Youtubers, so I'm trying to tackle the challenge in much the same way.

I have a good feeling in Jim Culver 'taking' Dr. Milan Christopher. The only other Investigator who could use it is Marie Lambeau, and she's already knee-deep in decent allies that also help trigger her ability like Alyssa and Renfield. Magnifying Glass seems like a great splash too to help with Investigating. In this way, both Marie and Jim can tackle the tough Intellect tests that need to happen in the game.

Teamwork is a great choice. You can pass Spirit Athame and Grotesque Statues around like it is nobody's business. I have a strong feeling that most everyone else is going to be also packing Emergency Cache and Uncage the Soul, so Teamwork can help funnel resources to whoever needs it. You can also hand off the flashlights and the great allies to one another (maybe Dr. Milan to an ally-less Marie?).

I feel like Jim really needs to up his support game a bit more in this setup. Akachi'll be spell-slinging the heavier stuff (I can imagine her climbing to get Shrivelling V to do the heavy-duty fighting), and Agnes will be throwing her sanity pool down the tube. Horror healing in a 4-Mystic group will go a really, really, really long way towards helping out the longevity of the group. It almost feels like packing copies of Clarity of Mind or even First Aid (even though it is out of faction) would go a long way to help the damage dealers do their job better.

What would I take out of this deck? Forbidden Knowledge seems like the odd man out. Yeah, sure, you have it to help make resources and turn your sanity into another tool you can use, but Path to Carcosa is quite rich in horror pain that it could be quite a luxury to have that breathing space available.