Fingerprint Kit 4 is really good and uses supplies

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SorryLaurie · 538

With +2 and two additional clues, it's easy to see how Fingerprint Kit could be good, but it has a few drawbacks:

  1. It costs 5 resources.

  2. It exhausts.

  3. It only has 3 supplies.

Assuming we could keep it ready and supplied this card has the potential to vacuum up the board. There's a few investigators who can do this, but I went with Rex for rogue's access to Doubling supplies and Free Money


5 resources is nothing to scoff at. If you're lucky in the opening and hit the Kit off backpack, you can't even afford to play it, never mind your supporting tomes and allies. Faustian Bargain and Crack the Case will be our main resource generation, while Charles Ross, Esq. and Research Grant will help to passively reduce the cost of items. Excess resources should be Embezzled. Do not help your fellow investigators with this money, if they ask gesture vaguely at the economy and say it's out of your control.


Grab a Raven Quill, toss it on OBOL with Interwoven Ink, and in between Fingerprint Kit investigations you can draw a card to ready the Kit. This is a 6 resource, two action investment and it's worth very likely depends on your investigator count. Honestly with Rex's ability you are probably picking up more than enough clues without this, but it's something to assemble if you get bored. This should be your final priority. You may as well grab Spectral Binding too so it doesn't conflict with hand slots.

3 supplies

With Emergency Cache we can add 4 supply tokens to a single asset, if done once with Contraband, you should be amply supplied for the scenario. Keep in mind there's a noticeable drawback here - using E Cache for supplies means that in general we won't be getting any actual resources from it.

The rest of the cards are the usual seeker nonsense.


Sep 10, 2023 unremb · 238

Monterey Jack can also pick Fingerprint Kit (4) and Contraband, Faustian Bargain, and Embezzled Treasure. I feel Rex Murphy probably doesn't need the additional clue gathering boost compared to Monterey Jack

Sep 11, 2023 luccros · 66

Inspired me to make a Monterey Jack version:

Sep 11, 2023 MrGoldbee · 1413

Love the deck name.

Sep 12, 2023 endoviking · 21

Is Ross really better in this spot than Milan? The latter is probably overused but has much more upside with resources that can be spent on anything, not just items, and passively boost Rex's 4 Intellect

Sep 12, 2023 SorryLaurie · 538

@luccros Nice!

@endoviking You're probably right but I never get a chance to use Ross. I'm going to keep trying until something sticks.

Sep 12, 2023 luccros · 66

@SorryLaurie & @endoviking while Milan will likely always be objectively better than Ross, I think my Monterey version of this deck could be a slightly better fit for Ross for a couple reasons: 1) two more items that cost resources for Ross to target, and 2) Monterey's ability spent on resource generation making up for Milan's.

Sep 12, 2023 endoviking · 21

I get it, I also try to find ways to include allies beside Milan since he's been around for so long and is usually so good. I think Ross has some advantages (same amount of soak, much cheaper, and my understanding is his ability carries over between turns, so you could potentially get the FPK down to a 0 cost).

I might swap the old book of lore for a scroll of secrets. I hate playing Rex due to his weakness, and the Scroll can potentially discard it for you, and if you aren't able to do that you can still probably play it for free and get 3 cards drawn for 1 action and no resources. I also might swap the Bargain for Schoffner's Catalog, which provides an equal number of resources (for items only, however) while keeping the bag clean, and you can potential scavenge it back if you are so inclined.

Sep 12, 2023 luccros · 66

Problem with Scroll of Secrets is that if using Taboo that becomes a and now The Raven Quill benefits are lost! :P