Silas Marsh on the Carcosa - 2

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h2ovn · 1

This is deck play with my friends on Campagain Path to Carcosa. With Lola Hayes, Jenny Barnes, Zoey Samaras. Hard mode

"Look what I found!": with shroud 2, I can try find clue,

Clear monter with fire Axe or Baseball Bat.

Madme Labranche help me use Lucky. Peter Sylvestre, Cherished Keepsake: source Sanity,

Dark Horse: my deck has more skill, don't need more resources.

Emergency Cache: help me use Look what I found!.

Defiance : must have, it help cancel effects of token. If it is not necessary to get it for another time Inspiring Presence: heal my Ally or other Ally. Resourceful: help get lucky or "Look what I found!", when I need more clue.

End Map 1 - I have 6xp. Update lucky to draw more card. Update Peter Sylvestre: unlimit source Sanity + 1