Verrat. Schwäche


Enthüllung - Bringe Krankenhausrechnungen in deiner Bedrohungszone ins Spiel.

: Bewege 1 Ressource aus deinem Ressourcenvorrat auf Krankenhausrechnungen (nur zwei Mal pro Runde.)

Erzwungen - Sobald das Spiel endet und falls sich weniger als 6 Ressourcen auf Krankenhausrechnungen befinden: Du verdienst für dieses Szenario 2 Erfahrungspunkte weniger.

Adam Lane
Grundspiel #11.
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Any investigator at the same location as "Skids" O'Toole with Hospital Debts in his threat area may trigger the to add resources to Hospital Debts, as per the FAQ [V1.0, section 2.1].

  • If "Skids" is eliminated (by being defeated or taking a resign action) while Hospital Debts is in play, Hospital Debts' Forced effect triggers, as per the FAQ [V1.0, section 'Rulebook errata', topic "Elimination"].
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Still paying the debts off of an enormous hospital bill for his dead mother. A remarkably tragic backstory. Also quite hilarious when, in the middle of fighting a horrifying creature, Skids would get a call from the Hospital to cough up some resources for the bill...

Hospital Debts is a very unique player weakness. It does not actively hurt Skids during the current Scenario (unlike other Weaknesses, such as Agnes's Dark Memory, Daisy's Necronomicon, or Jim Culver's Final Rhapsody), nor does it actively hurt Skids by Trauma, such as Roland's Cover Up, or Jenny's Searching for Izzie. Instead, it causes Skids to lose out on experience which is used to improve his deck. This card effectively slows down Skid's growth and make him less strong towards the end of a campaign. That said, 2 experience is not insignificant. For Skids, that's missing out on upgrading both his Leo De Luca, or recruiting two Cat Burglars. or picking up a Police Badget, or recruiting the much-superior version of the Beat Cop.

Hospital Debts is, perhaps, the only current player weakness with a built-in time restriction (EDIT: Read below regarding how it's not so bad in multiplayer). Due to the fast action having a built in (Limit twice per round), and Skids needing to put 6 resources on the card, it will always take 3 rounds to completely handle the debts. There are currently no cards in the player card pool that can help get around this 3 rounds restriction (aside from trying to avoid drawing it, of course). As per the timing rules, there is no player action window between when the player draws a card during the Upkeep phase, and the start of the next round. As such, the time a player draws it during the Upkeep Phase, Skids will need 3 more rounds (and, consequently, at least 3 more Doom on the agenda) to resolve it. If the game would end in fewer than 3 rounds due to the Agenda advancing, then you know that there is absolutely no way to avoid the penalty of Hospital Debts, and you may as well not commit resources to it, so at least there is that!

However, if Skids is 'fortunate' enough to draw this card during any other part of the round, such as during the Mythos (somehow) or Investigation phase, then, Skids can use that Round as part of the 3 needed rounds to finish it off (thereby needing only 2 more Rounds or 2 more Doom). This interesting interaction makes Skids one of the few players who does not mind actively drawing through his deck (that said, mind your other basic weakness). Skids should be careful not to go crazy and draw through his deck when time is running short...

EDIT: Weakness cards that are placed into your threat area can be interacted with by anyone. Additionally, the "Limit twice per round." applies at a per investigator level. Consequently, if you are playing in multiplayer, other players can trigger the free ability to help Skids pay for his Ma's hospital debts. In a 2 player game, it'll take at least 2 turns to handle it. With 3 or 4 players, it could be done in one turn. Of course, the players need to be in the same location as Skids to interact with his Hospital Debts.

EDIT MK2: Several cycles on and down the line and Skids is still a decent investigator to bring to any campaign. His ability to grab an extra action is quite valuable and encourages Skids to invest a little more heavy into resource gathering cards. The higher difficulty of latter campaigns means that he'll be pressed for time to complete this weakness if it comes out towards the end of a scenario. Expect it to hit more often than not.

Darthcaboose · 132
Other players can help pay for Skids' debts though, meaning it might take less than 3 turns in multiplayer — Orange Devil · 1
Do you have a source for that? Because I don't see why other investigators would be able to interact with Hospital Debts. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Hospital Debts is a treachery and thus an Encount cardtype (see: — Orange Devil · 1
Furthermore, section 1.2 of the FAQ says: "An investigator is permitted use triggered abilities from the following sources: (...) A scenario card that is in play and at the same location as the investigator. This includes the location itself, encounter cards placed at that location, and all encounter cards in the threat area of any investigator at that location." So, if another player is at the same location as Skids, they can trigger Hospital Debts' triggered ability. — Orange Devil · 1
Hmm, not sure about this. I call on the AH subreddit community to figure this out! ( — Darthcaboose · 132
Just to terminate the discussion in the commentaries: yes, other investigators at the same location are allowed to pay Skid's debts (limited to 2 resources per round per investigator). A detailed explanation can be found at my review of the card Cover Up. — Synisill · 278