Der Verschlinger aus der Tiefe


Großer Alter. Elite.

Fight: 5. Health: 6. Evade: 6.
Damage: 3. Horror: 3.

Jäger. Gewaltig.

Umôrdhoth bekommt pro Ermittler +4 Ausdauer.

Erzwungen - Am Ende des Zuges jedes Ermittlers: Mache Umôrdhoth spielbereit.

Falls du Lita Chantler kontrollierst: „Es ist nur hinter ihr her!” Du schleuderst Lita Chantler in Umôrdhoth Richtung, um dein Leben zu retten. (→A3)

Stephen Somers
Grundspiel #157. Der Verschlinger aus der Tiefe #16.
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Note that Umôrdhoth doesn't have the Monster trait, so it will not take increased damage from Lita Chantler.

  • Note that the action ability here is not a Parley, so you will get hit by an attack of opportunity when using it, and your investigator can be defeated before that action resolves.

  • If an enemy is “considered” engaged with you because of the Massive keyword, it will enable abilities – like the Machete’s – that require you to be engaged with an enemy. However, there is no timing point of engagement, you’re just “considered” engaged with it, so you can’t really trigger reactions to becoming engaged with the enemy, like Zoey Samaras or Zoey's Cross.
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The FAQ provide a good explanation of why this last scenario is usually not much loved. Basically almost anything that you could try to shorten the massive amount of beating that the investigators stand to receive (3 damages and 3 horrors per each per round...) is disabled: no Lita, no Machete, no Cross... (Edit: the Machete works, it was an error on my part. Of course it has been duly taboo-ed but against this enemy one is fully allowed to disregard the taboo list, in my opinion!)

So, not only you have a huge, huge enemy, which was expected: but all of your "smart ideas" are frustrated.

It may hammer the point home... But is not a lot of fun.

Lord Phrank · 74
Looks like a solid target for pendant of the queen though — NarkasisBroon · 1
Pretty sure Machete works just fine, per the FAQ. — Kergma · 4
I also find it annoying that Zoey's Cross doesn't work on massive monsters--I think this ruling is both unnecessary and athematic (Zoey should be at her best fighting huge monstrosities!). I also think it would have been nice if Lita said "Monster or Ancient One enemies." But Machete does work fine--though I would certainly recommend using something a bit more powerful if your plan is to hack through this massive health pool. — CaiusDrewart · 2555
thank you for noticing my error, I was thinking about the various mechanics and got confused. Will fix it. — Lord Phrank · 74