Enthüllung - Enthülle einen zufälligen Marker aus dem Chaosbeutel.

Wenn du ein -Symbol oder eine positive Zahl enthüllst, passiert nichts.

Falls du eine andere Zahl enthüllst, nimm 1 Schaden.

Falls du ein , , , , oder -Symbol enthüllst, nimm 2 Horror.

Vlad Ricean
Das Vermächtnis von Dunwich #93. Pech #4-6.
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • 0 is neither a positive or negative number, hence the lack of a + or – symbol on the token. (In fact, the concept of positive and negative numbers are defined by whether or not the number is greater than or less than 0). 0 is therefore "any other number."
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I asked FFG what would happen if you drew a bless token. Here is what they said:

"Bless Tokens (and Curse Tokens, and Frost Tokens) only have value when they are revealed during a skill test—meaning, they don’t count as tokens with “any other number.” If they are revealed from the chaos bag while resolving “Twist of Fate”, nothing happens, because they do not correspond to one of the printed options."

So if you draw a bless, curse, or frost... this card does nothing.

Achire · 282
don't know how you would draw a frost token for a dunwich encounter but where there is a will there is a way! — Zerogrim · 241
I was wondering about that too, but I was just grateful to have an answer about the bless/curse tokens, as we use those a lot. — Achire · 282