Revelation - Put Entombed into play in your threat area.

You cannot disengage from enemies or move.

: Test (4) to escape the tomb or (4) to break out. If you succeed, discard Entombed. If you fail, reduce the difficulty of this test by 1 until the end of the round.

Christine Mitzuk
Das Vergessene Zeitalter #89. Tödliche Fallen #4-5.

Something funny happened in a Forgotten Age Campaign. Because Rita Young drew this this card while engaged with Harbinger of Valusia, she was able to repeatedly evade it without re-engaging in order to give it resources and make it go away!

jmmeye3 · 370
Haha! I've done that trick with Unspeakable Oath (Cowardice) before. — Zinjanthropus · 97