Vorteil. Arkan


Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Schnell. Anwendungen (3 Ladungen).

Sobald ein Gegner einen Gelegenheitsangriff gegen dich durchführt, gib 1 Ladung aus: Hebe jenen Angriff auf.

Nun können Sie mich sehen…
Patrick McEvoy
Die Innsmouth-Verschwörung #27.

Play this in Akachi. Not for the ability, but for the fast charge jank.

1) With Spirit-Speaker out, you can immediately discard this and convert the charges to resources. This is a net gain of 2r at fast speed.

2) The charges on this can be fed to Angered Spirits. The charges on this thing by itself can clear Angered Spirits over the course of 4 rounds.

3) The charges can power 2 Torrent of Powers with 2 charges spent on each.

4) Occasionally, you might actually use the ability. Note that Obfuscation does not require you to exhaust to use it, meaning that if you exhaust it for Angered Spirits, you can still use it just fine.

Basically, think of this card as paying for a slot with 4 charges on it at fast speed for 2r, and you got a few tricks available to you. It does take an arcane slot, but a lot of Akachi decks try to have support for extra arcane slots anyway; this concept best fits into one of those styles of decks.

Soloclue · 2245
Or with Trish: 1) investigation with no AoS to get 2 clues, 2) evasion and 3) exit from the location. — AlexP · 175
For additional jank, Marie could take this and Eldritch Sophist to use it as a battery for recharging spells. — Zinjanthropus · 192

This is an auto-include for Trish Scarborough. Use the enemy at your location to gain a 2nd clue, with this card picking up the AOO cost. This is particularly good for high evade enemies, where you will use Trish’s ability to evade/exhaust your enemy, then investigate to pick up remaining clue/s. The cost is low, has no action cost, and the asset slot is wide open for Rogue/Seekers. Yeah, it has Dexter on it, but Dexter can already play assets without action costs, and he wants more offensive/clue-getting spells in his slots.

brdanner · 4
I wouldnt say autoinclude, you can get by with Narrow Escape, Breaking and Entering, and Followed. Really nice for solo though where you’re more likely to investi-evade. — StyxTBeuford · 12621
Working a hunch is also good. — MrGoldbee · 1174
Yes absolutely, Hunch is a great solo Trish card — StyxTBeuford · 12621
There are very few cards in the game that are auto-include, and this definitely isn’t one of them. Trish’s high health and agility means that she can just eat a couple damage only AoOs in the game. That said, I do think this is rather good for Trish - especially in solo. — Death by Chocolate · 1021
I'm LOVING this in my Trish deck. It's fast, so no need to play it until an enemy is on you. Then you can suck up the clues and evade the enemy...or drag it around the board with you, grabbing more clues, before parking it at your Guardian who can just blow its head off without having to chase enemies all over the board. I end up using all the charges on both copies of Obfuscate in every scenario--what a great card. — Pinchers · 91

This card is weird. So incredibly weird that I don't have a good analysis ready at all for this, it's more prospective. Fast and 2 cost makes it a good Dexter Drake candidate just for feeding his ability, but when exactly does he care about dodging attacks of opportunity? Typically you avoid AoOs by fighting or evading, so I'm not sure what Dex would want to do instead of those. Maybe if you're caught without a fight/evade spell and need to play one? What I will say is that this card seems really nice for Trish Scarborough, who can investigate to evade any one enemy where she is, which would normally cause an AoO if that enemy is ready and engaged with her there. I can see this being a staple in Trish decks, especially solo.

Anyway, I'm glad this card exists. I'm not sure how many builds actually care about dodging AoOs, but for the ones that do, this and Narrow Escape seem like great picks.

StyxTBeuford · 12621
Preston would like to use this to move his money over without taking AoO. — Soloclue · 2245
Or, for that matter, to play Small Favor without taking an attack - it's really good testless damage for him, but the fact that it neither actually says Fight nor explicitly prevents the AoO has been an issue for me before. — Thatwasademo · 42
My first thought is that it's for "clue-getters". The investigator is engaged but has to get all the clues ? For 2 resources (and no action) you play Obfuscation, then you investigate twice and leave the location without a single AoO. And then the fighter steps in to kill the enemy. It reminds me of Delay the nevitable if used this way. — AlexP · 175
But wouldn't the enemy move with you when you leave the location? Cancelling the AoO does not break the engagement if I recall. — imerenserfud · 1
The enemy would move with you, yes, unless you happen to have a built in means of evading it. Trish, when she finds a clue, can automatically evade the enemy that earlier provoked the AoO that this card cancelled. — StyxTBeuford · 12621