Vorteil. Hand x2

Gegenstand. Waffe. Nahkampf. Gesegnet.

Cost: 4. XP: 5.
Test Icons:

: Kampf. Du bekommst für diesen Angriff +2 und fügst +1 Schaden zu. Sobald du diese Fähigkeit initiierst, darfst du einen auf Heilige Lanze versiegelten -Marker freisetzen.

Durchsuche den Chaosbeutel nach 2 -Markern und versiegle sie auf Heilige Lanze: Kampf. Du bekommst für diesen Angriff +4 und fügst +2 Schaden zu.

Régis Moulun
In den Mahlstrom hinein #302.
Heilige Lanze

I have learned that just having an infinite +2/+1 attack on tap is already one of the best things you can manage. For most Guardians, at least on normal, it means you fight at 6 and can reasonably hit most things without other setup. It is also nice to be able to run other cards besides Beat Cop and Ace of Swords. In this sense, the first ability compares favorably to Timeworn Brand. Now, this does take an extra hand slot, but does cost one fewer resource. So how does the second ability compare?

First off, the second ability is repeatable this time, though requires bless tokens and some usage of the first ability to get it off. +4/+2 is pretty good for just being able to lay the hurt into most things, and if you have some sort of plus 1 damage ability, whether through beat cop, Vicious Blow, or Enchant Weapon, you can whack a 4 health enemy pretty reliably. I would say I prefer the flexibility over the Brand.

So, is this worth running? If you are already running Bless, absolutely! The question is more, is it worth running bless to get access to this weapon? I would say, maybe... It probably isn't as good as Flamethrower, but that has to run its own support suite to be repeatable. I don't think you're going to ruin your game though if you go for this. If you want to force bless tokens just to get the spear, I'd say go for it! Guardian doesn't have great ways to get the tokens into the bag though, so you might need some help, and as always, check with your group to see if they are on board with it. But ultimately, I am glad there is another viable high-end option for using violence as the solution to all problems.

h9uu · 23
Someone I play this game with on TTS uses this in tandem with bandolier and boxing gloves. He does love his Nacho. — gmmster2345 · 2

With the release of Cyclopean Hammer this has lost a lot of appeal. Most bless oriented guardians have a high willpower and Hammer can be augmented quite reliably with reliable, which nets might plus will plus 2 (4 with two copies), has infinite uses and doesn't eat up bless tokens.

The bless generation from this thing is also quite paltry to the many other options often available to bless generators (Keep Faith recursion with resourceful, spirit of humaniry).

As a result, this weapon has gone the way of lightning gun and is firmly obsolete.

drjones87 · 46
I agree that the hammer is powerful, but I think this really only supports bless builds specifically. If you're running little to no bless tech, I would stick to the hammer — Therealestize · 30
+4 that is actually a +4 is pretty nice when the +will power is actually +willpower-3, the fact guardians have a lot of ways to boost willpower does seem to be the issue, but I'd take holy spear over hammer if my willpower was only going to be 3 anyway. (obviously IN a bless build, don't take spear if you don't have blessing raining down from on high.) — Zerogrim · 236

Brilliant weapon. Just the basic attack is worth the XP cost, it's extreemely efficient and dependable and a 1 resource difference makes it competitive with Timeworn Brand despite the hand disadvantage. The spear however lacks the boss killing special attack, instead it has this:

A 3 damage burst attack that depends on to be usable, and the ability to hoard via the main attack.

So. By itself the Holy Spear cannot generate the bless it needs, but the big attack can bank up a small stash of that you can release to try and chain together a spear swinging combo, so long as something or someone is generating the tokens in the first place. The initial tokens are the hard bit, because full hand slots block Blessed Blade and Book of Psalms. A Holy Rosary coupled with encounter card management can do the trick (Gloria Goldberg or First Watch for example), Hand of Fate will do it, but it's pricey. My favourite methods are Keep Faith, Spirit of Humanity and Righteous Hunt, if your class access or level isnt good enough, Tempt Fate will do the trick in an absolute pinch.

When set up with teck, the Holy Spear grants access to full rounds of 3 damage super-attacks, something that insofar only limited-use cards like Shrivelling or Lightning Gun grant access to, and Holy Spear blows them out of the water by being a desirable 2 damage weapon in of itself. Once you add in all the other support for doing damage, cards like Enchant Weapon or Vicious Blow, you really will start dancing through enemies.

Note that Sister Mary with her roundly bless token has the best chance at enabling the spear without too much trouble, even in a 4 player game the spears's bank ability and her native generation should let her pull off 3 damage attacks once in every three rounds in multiplayer, or more often if she adds more support.

Outside of Mary, Zoey Samaras and Tommy Muldoon can muster a lot of power with the Holy Spear, by merit of having access to Keep Faith and other cards.

Tsuruki23 · 2205
Concur. Had my first go with this weapon in an Innsmouth scenario where we were constantly drawing monsters from the encounter deck. This weapon just cut through deep ones like a hot knife through butter. Combining with Nephthys and Radiant Smite, I was able to down the first and second bosses of the scenario in the same round in which they appeared before they could ever attack. Just amazing. — lockque · 1
Sister Mary is awesome with Holy Spear. I just finished Murder at the Excelsior Hotel, and she killed the boss all alone in two turns. — Frodo13 · 1