Cost: 4. XP: 3.


Schnell. Spiele diese Karte in einem beliebigen -Fenster.

Wähle entweder deinen oder einen verbundenen Ort. Füge jedem Gegner und jedem Ermittler an dem gewählten Ort 3 Schaden zu.

Dimitri Bielak
Nathaniel Cho #29.


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Fast and flexible, this furious force will frighten, fluster, and even finish foul fiends!

I mean, you like the level-0 version a lot; I've seen your decks. A lot of you upgrade to the level-2 version. For just one more XP, you can lay out the same old hurt on a pile of enemies, but now you can do it in any fast action window -- you can kill or weaken a big enemy just before your Seeker has to pass through that location, you can finish off a VP enemy and still sprint to the Resign location, you can make the Royal Emissary regret moving next to you.

If you like blowing things up, this lets you blow them up just a little faster. If you don't have anything to blow up, the double icons are a nice backup (although spending 3XP for double icons is a bit much).

Probably the best thing about this is that you can use it during the enemy phase after a hunter enemy moves, allowing you to "bunch up" an extra enemy. — OrionJA · 1