Desperate Pete Deck

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Broke-ass Pete's Spooky Adventure 273 229 34 3.0
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elazur · 1

My first attempt at desperation pete.


Mar 18, 2019 ilu2112 · 142

Hey, I am working on Desperate Pete too. Few notes from me:

  • Yaotl is a must have here
  • If you go with Yaotl - remove Lucky since it has no skill icons on it.
  • Only 1 St. Hubert's Key? I guess you should use 2 of them because it's a core of your deck.

Did you play with this deck? How it went? :-)

Mar 25, 2019 elazur · 1

Yeah, I forgot to point out that the gameplan of the deck is to swap out Peter Sylvestre for Yaotl after the first mission. Removing lucky might be good yeah. From my experience so far, not having resource generation is really hurting the deck since there are some pricey cards like st. Huberts key. the deck kinda works but probably still needs a lot of tweaking. Thanks for the input!