Mandy Thompson, the Ambitious Researcher

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Derived from
Occult Researcher: A Mandy Standard Deck 60 48 12 1.0
Inspiration for
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AquaDrehz · 117

Playing Style

  • Always search Fortuitous Discovery and use it ASAP with Mr. "Rook", No Stone Unturned, Eureka!
  • After use 2 Fortuitous Discovery then Search for Occult Lexicon
  • Use last Fortuitous Discovery
  • Use Scrounge for Supplies or Resourceful to get Fortuitous Discovery to get only last
  • Working a Hunch sometimes can be commit to Fortuitous Discovery.

Let me know for any idea before I use her to the Forgotten age soon!


Jan 28, 2020 AquaDrehz · 117

I'm planning to use Dream-Enhancing Serum when new cards which have more synnergy with it was released