Vorteil. Arcane

Item. Science.

Cost: 3.
Test Icons:

Only the first copy of each card in your hand counts toward your maximum hand size.

After you draw a copy of a card that is already in your hand, reveal both copies and exhaust Dream-Enhancing Serum: Draw 1 card.

Dani Hartel
A Thousand Shapes of Horror #159.
Dream-Enhancing Serum

This thing is extreemely annoying, I looked at the first mechanic, not liking it for the price, then looked at the draw mechanic, started loving it. Tried it and realized that very typically if i'm seeing a second copy of a thing, the first copy is in play or in the discard pile, so I came back to realizing that it's all about that first mechanic... Which I didnt like.

So. Big hand characters like this, Higher Education + Extensive Research, characters in strategies that make having cards in hand a distinctly useful effect.

Cute combo: With this in play and using Old Book of Lore you can snipe secondary copies of cards intentionally to artificially boost your drawspeed. HELLO Daisy.

This is a good card, it's just extreemely unrewarding if you try playing it outside it's niche.

Tsuruki23 · 948