Cost: 1.


Schnell. Spiele diese Karte nur in deinem Zug.

Du darfst bis zum Ende der Runde deinen -Wert anstelle deines -Wertes und deines -Wertes verwenden.

Maggie Ivy
Grundspiel #36.
Geist über Materie


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • When making a Combat or Agility skill test, you may make an Intellect test instead. If you do, apply only bonuses to your Intellect for this test, and ignore any bonuses to Combat or Agility. You can only commit cards with an Intellect or Wild icons to this test.

  • You need to play this card before the skill test begins. The type of skill test is determined before you get the opportunity to play Fast cards (see Skill Test Timing).

  • You cannot play this card during the Mythos phase, because 'your turn' is within the Investigaton phase.
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Good card for Daisy Walker and Norman Withers, reasonable on Minh Thi Phan too but Ursula Downs and Rex Murphy don't need it or have better options.

The higher your intellect can go the better Mind over Matter is, thus it synergizes with Dr. Milan Christopher and St. Hubert's Key, both cards are good and frequently taken on Norman Withers and Daisy Walker. The maximum potential Mind over Matter buff is 7 and for a round which makes you a fearsome warmachine much like Fight or Flight does for characters.

Supplement Mind over Matter with Anatomical Diagrams which can have similarly drastic effects on your abilities, Anatomical Diagrams is not quite as strong a card but consistency is the key here.

The good thing about this card is that it isn't much of a "combo", you're just tapping into stats that are already making you good at other stuff that you really need to be doing. Do consider bringing a simple weapon however to make proper use of this large buff, Knife is perfect in this role since the discard mechanic means that you eventually get the hand-slot back to fill with a Magnifying Glass.

Finally, it's just an entertaining play. The Scrawny smart-person hulking out and knife-fighting down a bunch of Ghoul Minions or karate chopping a boss is just plain fun.

Tsuruki23 · 2484
I like it for Carolyn too, with her access to level 0 guardian cards she can turn into a killing machine! — mogwen · 253

This card is for Daisy Walker - bookish girl, not good at sports - until you play this card and she becomes "Xena - Warrior Princess".

It turns her poor 2 strength and 2 agility into 5 for the turn! That's monstrous! Tack on Dr. Milan Christopher and you've got 6 strength and 6 agility. It's fast, too, so you've the full 3 actions still to use (plus a tome).

It's main disadvantage is it's brief effect. It only lasts for your investigator phase, so save it until you really need to evade or clobber something.

"I've got a plan" does do something similar - but only for a single Fight, and it costs a lot more. If you don't need to deal that much damage, or you're looking to run away, Mind Over Matter is the card for you.

Rex Murphy, with his lower intellect and higher agility, doesn't gain as much from this card. To be honest, I'm a lot more ambivalent about it in a Rex deck.

And yes, for most other investigators so far, it offers nothing. But still, for me, this is the first card I add to a Daisy deck.

For added giggles, look for any other items that can boost intellect too.

AndyB · 931