Akachi - Staying In Charge (Standalone & Blob Ready)

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I am not involved in the running of the worldwide blob. Please direct any question about it to the below link.

The regular Edinburgh Arkham LGC folk, including myself, have ran a couple of local Blob events recently and I typically make spare decks for newbies, or people without their own sets etc. With everyone indoors and a World Wide Blob on Table Top Simulator (TTS) in the planning (LINK HERE), I thought i would publish a few to help people interested in joining in.

THESE GUIDES ARE SPOILER FREE, and the decks are not specifically tailored for the Blob per se, but most have beaten it, and/or other standalones (Mainly Egypt and Hotel)at least once. They are at least designed to be easy to pilot, and resilient to certain Blob effects so no one has their core deck mechanic overly neutered by bad luck... unless its really bad luck ;)

The other decks can be found here





A simple to pilot Akachi build aimed at giving new players a taste of mystic as a class or to be a shell for people to adapt to their own tastes. Game plan is simple. Get Shrivelling and/or Rite of Seeking down, then keep them charged with Twila or Spirit-Speaker. Several event versions of converters help spare charges, and most of the rest of the deck is given to encounter protection. There are a couple of funky toys in there to give players a taste of more complex gaming. The main thing to explain to a new player is the Arcane Initiate tip below and how Empty Vessel works. Other than that shes a solid all rounder and a bit of a powerhouse, so long as you can find the right spells and keep them in play...


  • ROLE: ............................. Good All Rounder
  • COMPLEXITY: ................ Simple
  • THEMATIC FEEL: ........... Slow, controlled, balanced


  • CLUEING: ....................... Strong
  • ENEMY HANDLING: ...... Good
  • ENCOUNTER PROT: ...... High
  • MENTAL DEFENCES: ..... High
  • TEAM SUPPORT: ........... Minimal

MULLIGAN TARGETS: keep 1x each of: Shrivelling, Rite of Seeking, Twila, and/or Arcane Initiate





There are tricks for using Arcane Initiate Play her the turn before the agenda would advance anyway. Her doom doesn't cause the agenda to advance immediately as you only (usually) check doom after doom is placed in mythos phase, and the agenda advancing clears ALL doom. E.g. if you play her when there are 4 doom on a 5 doom agenda, there will now be 5 doom in play but you wont check the threshold until after a 6th doom is placed on the agenda next mythos phase, after which all doom goes away including that on the Initiate. Alternatively just kill her off with an attack of opportunity or from self harm from Ward of Protection, Shrivelling or Storm of Spirits, before it matters.

Aim to use Rite of Seeking last action Then you dont care if your turn ends. But if you need more events like Read the Signs or Drawn to the Flame can be used on earlier actions. Or if you are desperate, using it second action has about a 1 in 3 chance of ending the turn prematurely and note that a lot of investigators would take a whole turn to get 3 clues. losing 1 action to bad luck isnt awful. Plus....

Grotesque Statue and Wish Eater (from Empty Vessel), mitigate token risks from spells Remember you get an extra starting charge on each. the Statue lets you draw 2 tokens and hope both are not , or tokens, and Wish Eater cancels the token entirely preventing the drawback effects of Shrivelling, Rite of Seeking, or Storm of Spirits. The other fun combo with Wish Eater is to charge it with kills from Shrivelling then use it to heal off any excess horror taken once its charged. This potentially lets you use the BIG 3 damage a pop Shriv (5) if you want to move some xp around (possibly drop Grotesque Statue for example)

You can use Grotesque Statue on non-test token draws. Unlike Wish Eater (from Empty Vessel) which specifies use in tests only. The game has occasional other uses of token draws. Just be aware the statue is a legitimate option on them.

You have a lot of Encounter card mitigation Most encounter checks test or . Your base will usually be enough for normal size tests (3), though Four of Cups will take you higher. Manual Dexterity and Unexpected Courage cover you for tests. Or theres always Deny Existence or Ward of Protection if needed. If worst comes to worst remember you can throw an Ally in the way a lot of the time





I wont put much in here as experienced players using this as a shell and have hundreds of options and choosing their own toys will do so easy enough. One tip though for newbies:

You can change around the investigate/attack events to taste I have given 6 slots (20% of the deck) to Read the Signs, Spectral Razor, Storm of Spirits and Drawn to the Flame. You could arguably also use the Guts slot if you want. Feel free to use a different composition of one shots in this space to match your tastes. If you want 2 Storm of Spiritss go for it. Theres also Blinding Light or Ethereal Form to consider. Just be aware a lot of these events are expensive, and you have a preference for any with a "Spell" trait for Arcane Initiate.