Both a blessing and a curse

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Diamat · 124

Alone upon the seas of fate and navigating through a torrent of blessings and curses, what use could Silas's access to off-class Innate cards be to him be in a 26XP true solo stand-alone deck?

Let's find out!

The deck relies heavily on , , and resource manipulation as well as the judicious use of Silas's ability to retrieve over-commitments. This curiously -heavy deck -- not an ability he can do a great deal with with -- is ameliorated by the 19 icons available, but Silas will nevertheless be routinely keeping an eye out for tokens rather than icons in order to satisfy skill test requirements. I've used Silas's replacement signature (and therefore also weakness) because it is arguably a better fit with the deck's mechanics, but the regular cards would be fine too.


Silas's duffel bag is rammed to the gunnels with and options (Spirit of Humanity, Favor of the Sun, Ancient Covenant, Harmony Restored, Keep Faith and Beloved) that have the potential to interact productively with his card commitment manipulation. Nevertheless, careful piloting will be the difference between this deck sinking or swimming.


Mariner's Compass has the capacity to help Silas grab two clues on 2 locations when he has sufficient skill icons to hand to succeed. However, this card is included primarily for its intellect boost, supported by Madame Labranche's resource generation.


Break out the Fire Axe and tap up your patron for skill and damage boosts. Other than that, you'll be punching your way out of trouble.


Butterfly Effect offers a synergistic riff on Silas's reaction ability, and is well-suited to the play style it invites.

Intrepid and True Understanding will ideally be played in tandem during the Mythos phase, thereby protecting Silas's reaction for use during the remainder of the round. This combo offers the toothsome proposition of both immediate clue-scoopery via True Understanding, and a +1, +1, and +1 boost from Intrepid for whatever he may need to do that round.

Finally, Rabbit's Foot affords Silas the opportunity get something back for tests failed in the absence of Eucatastrophe or Beloved.

Don't forget to add your two bonus random basic weaknesses before setting sail. Enjoy your journey!


Apr 08, 2021 Gfo1979 · 1

I think you mean Innate, not Practiced in the intro.

Apr 08, 2021 Diamat · 124

You're right! Now corrected. Thank you for having taken the time to point that out.