Let's do the Play-Along! - Ursula, back to basics

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Lord Triloth · 913

Campaign-play-along is an awesome, community-driven project hosted by the Mythos Buster Moderator Wern212, in which we as the community choose a campaign which we then all play a scenario at the time on a weekly bases.
Interested? Go join the wonderful Mythos Buster Discord server and register until the 10th of march!

To make this accessible to as many players as possible in deck creation and sharing and to create a fun challenge for veteran players, there are additional restrictions to deck-building for this play-along. Namely, that you can only use cards from the Core Set, the Starter decks and the campaign, which is being played. As we are going through Dunwich first, those are the cards accessible to us. Your choice of investigator is completely free though.

Taboo: This deck those not run Taboo, because I think Taboo is made to make the objectively "best cards" a bit weaker and so open the options in deck building. We don't have allot of option in our case though. But if you really want to go for the extra challenge, the deck would still stay the same just cost more exp.

Why Ursula?

Admittedly I have the feeling that Ursula is, next to probably "Ashcan" Pete, the meta-choice. She does not need allot of specific tools and most good ones for her are already available in Dunwich.
Plus, the very common, seeker HigherEd/Milan combo allows for great investigation and strong encounter protection. For Dunwich specifically, she has a quite fast and furious play style, which let her outspend most scenarios, which tend to get more difficult the longer you stay in them.

And ... Ursula with her great action efficiency isn't a bad investigator in general. Great action efficiency plus good enemy handling.

General piloting

Honestly this deck isn't super hard to pilot. Your 4 and 4 don't need you make you too worried about your opening hand.
General gameplay is getting some tools out like Magnifying Glass, Dr. Milan Christopher and Pathfinder, then doing allot of investigate actions, getting allot of resources and then fueling those resources into [Higher Education](/card/02187. Quite simple.


Important first upgrades are of course Higher Education(3). Then Pathfinder can happily replace the lvl 0 version. Also an awesome card for Ursula in general.
Then you may find that there aren't that many options left for you to buy. I've added Grotesque Statue to the Side Deck. To be honest I'm not completely sure about that card (maybe replacing Courage and/or Fine Clothes). Technically it's good to pass important tests, but is that worth it salt? I don't know.

For a fact, The Gold Pocket Watch is a good card. Yeah, you need to draw it, yeah, it can get discarded. But denying a mythos is huge.

Optionally you can also just upgrade all the cards that have a better version ("I've got a plan!", Mind over Matter and Perception for example).

That's it already. Not allot to say here. Quite a simple list, but thanks anyway for staying until the end. Cheers and bye.