Preston Fairmont, Archery Champion

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Lone_Wolf_13 · 2

This deck is built around one of my favorite monster-killing engines: the combo of Streetwise, Ornate Bow, and Leo De Luca. Preston's bottomless fortune makes paying for the Agility boost from Streetwise a non-issue, an attack of 6 with 3 damage will wipe out most common enemies, and Leo is at the ready to help nock the next arrow. As far as the rest of the deck goes, Backstab helps you take down anything that gets in your face before you can pull your Bow out. Decoy, Intel Report, and Rise to the Occasion all felt like natural choices for Preston, the former two for their resource-hungry nature, the latter due to his low printed stats. There are also a few investigation-related cards, to help make full use of Streetwise's Intellect boost, and Dig Deep to help with those damned Will-testing Treacheries. As a final bow on top, it's low XP cost lets it get up and running fast in a campaign--and if you're playing standalone, you won't even need to take any extra Weaknesses.


May 13, 2021 Sleben · 1

Do you think it would be competitive to run this through Carcosa? Expecting getting the 3 Main Cards by Scenario 3 (I play with the Taboo list).

May 15, 2021 Lone_Wolf_13 · 2

I'm afraid I'm not sure, @Sleben...Carcosa isn't part of my collection yet. In fact, I've never played this exact deck; it's based on a deck I ran through War of the Outer Gods and had a blast with, but I couldn't recall many of the cards I used outside of the core Bow/Streetwise/Leo combo.

May 15, 2021 Sleben · 1

I see... Well, I may be able to give it a shot. Nathaniel for the main Killing, Mandy for the Clues and this guy (me) trying to fit in. Regards.