The Illicit Life

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zozo · 2500

The tools of the trade...

Hi friends, it's me again with a little old school list I've been toying with, all about the thematic focus on Illicit from our boy Finn Edwards. The joy here is all around playing with Fence and making Illicits fast or cheaper, and then toying with Smuggled Goods to fetch more Illicits from deck or discard. I love the fact that Illicit is such a varied trait, with weapons, investigation tools and evasion tricks all leading to a juicy Pay Day.

Going out punching and screaming...

I once played opposite a Finn player who used a shedload of resources and Hard Knocks to be a 'combat Finn'. It was a wild list, quite surprising to me given I'd say Finn focuses on and . But it's stayed in my head, and I wanted to focus on using Lockpicks, Lucky Cigarette Case and neutral skills to draw fast and cherry-pick the right tools, and then Delilah O'Rourke and Illicit bits and pieces to evade and fight with enemies. Quick Thinking and Swift Reflexes for those huge Pay Day turns and to fire pock-pock really more like pock-pock-pock-pock-pock...

A last hurrah before the end (and edge) of the earth...

This is explicitly an out-of-date list. I know Edge of the Earth is about to drop and this deck will be due a considerable shake-up. But I figured, for old times' sake, why not let the Bootlegger set out for one last punch-up with his old rival, the Mythos.

What about ?

What about it?

Is this deck multi or solo?

Kind of both? It can clue and handle enemies without breaking a sweat. It does get beaten up by the mythos. In multi, "You handle this one!" is your friend. In solo: go. fast.


Sep 10, 2021 chirubime · 5569

Haha love the writeup! What about it made me laugh

Sep 14, 2021 zozo · 2500

@chirubime ah, thank you. Just a little nod to the good old days of folks freaking out about 1 . Hehe.