Enthüllung - Wähle eine Nicht-Storyvorteilskarte, die du kontrollierst, mische sie in dein Deck und lege die obersten 3 Karten deines Decks ab. Falls eine Kopie dieser Vorteilskarte abgelegt wird, nimm 2 Horror.

Igor Kieryluk
Das Vermächtnis von Dunwich #100. The Beyond #1-2.
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The text of this card is very missleading. As I encountered this one the first time without a single asset into my play area besides from permanents, it was kind of unclear to me, if I have to discard 3 cards or not. Since i cannot fulfill the "choose" part of the card, what to do next. The word "and" has no entry in the rulebook, so hard to say. In my opinion the cards wording should be: Revelation - Choose a non-story asset you control then shuffle it into your deck. Discard the top 3 cards of your deck. If a copy of that asset is discarded, take 2 horror.

thakaris · 45
If they had wanted the discard to be conditional, they would have said ‘Then discard...’ since ‘then’ is their keyword for a step condiiibal in the previous one resolving. I think your proposed wording is clearly the correct interpretation. ‘Do A and B’ means ‘Do A. Do B.’ I think it’s the same way that Emergency Cache 2 (Gain 3 resources and draw a card.) will still draw a card even if an effect (such as sacrificial beast) prevents you from gaining resources. — Death by Chocolate · 13

This and Corrosion from Carcosa has made me appreciate throwaway assets like Cherished Keepsake and Leather Coat even more. It's very scary to only have must-have assets in play with this card in the encounter deck.

Pushed into the Beyond and Crypt Chill can both be much safer with the two assets you mentioned, but neither help with Corrosion. Corrosion is better handled by keeping spare expensive items in your hand to feed it. — Death by Chocolate · 13