Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Nur für das Deck von Carolyn Fern.

Erschöpfe Hypnosetherapie: Lege eine -Probe (2) ab. Falls die Probe gelingt, heile 1 Horror von einem Ermittler an deinem Ort. Dann darf jener Ermittler 1 Karte ziehen.

Nachdem einer deiner anderen Karteneffekte Horror von einem Ermittler geheilt hat, erschöpfe Hypnosetherapie: Jener Effekt heilt 1 zusätzlichen Horror.

Reiko Murakami
Der gebrochene Kreis #7.

Pretty much what you want in a signature asset -- it makes Dr. Fern more of what she already is, adding a little card draw and the option for quicker healing. The test puts the breaks on a bit, but Carolyn should be able to pass it most of the time in Standard. At higher bag difficulties, you probably want to avoid unnecessary tests due to those nasty special tokens, so this would get used for the reaction ability most of the time, I expect.

This is paired with the less troublesome of Carolyn's signature weaknesses, and is definitely easier to put to use than Foolishness, so most plays will stick with the "box" over the "book" sets.