Angeboren. Entwickelt.

XP: 1.


Hochbegabt erhält -Symbole in Höhe deines niedrigesten Fertigkeitswert, mit dem diese Probe nicht abgelegt wird.

Fünfzig Prozent Glück, hundert Prozent Können.
Sarah Finnigan
Am Rande der Welt (Ermittler-Erweiterung) #52.


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Absurdly good in Jenny Barnes, for who this will (scenario fuckery not withstanding) always be ????, or Unexpected Courage on steroids. Also pretty nice for Rogues with low willpower to pass a "brain test". For Winifred especially this seems like an auto-include if you need a plan to deal with those tests, especially since it feeds her ability. Also combos beautifully with cards that boost all stats, like Geas.

Cpt_nice · 76
Really good in that one part of the The Circle Undone. — OrionJA · 1
Lola also has same statline as Jenny — Fedorwin · 13
This is like Ward of Protection for Bob when he get $willpower, giving +4. Very reassuring to have 1 in hand. — 5argon · 8334

I have a feeling that this might be good in Finn, to get a +3 Willpower, which also could double as a +1 if you really need it. Haven't tried it out though. If you have a way to boost your Willpower or Strength value, it get's even better, but that's probably not that easy in a typical Finn deck.

elfstone · 1
It's actually +4 Willpower and +2 for anything else, because it adds Wilds in addition to the Wild already present on the card — Nenananas · 250
I've never played Savant outside of low Willpower Rogues. Outside of covering your lowest stat I'm not sure it's worth the xp, but man has it saved me against Frozen In Fear a bunch of times. — Pseudo Nymh · 41
Jenny can also use this — Jota · 6