Schachzug. Schicksalhaft.


Max. 1 pro Fertigkeitsprobe beitragen.

Trage diese Karte nur zu einer Fertigkeitsprobe beliebiger Art bei, die du durchführst, und nur in deinem Zug.

Kalkuliertes Risiko erhält für jede Aktion, die du in diesem Zug durchgeführt hast (inklusive dieser).

Nachdem diese Probe beendet ist, endet dein Zug.

German Nobile
Die scharlachroten Schlüssel (Ermittler-Erweiterung) #70.
Kalkuliertes Risiko


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Disclaimer: Pre-Scarlet Keys release review.

Skills that only bring icons are generally less interesting to me. I would much rather have a side benefit like "Watch this!" or Quick Thinking.

This being said, Promise of Power is considered excellent and sees a lot of play, so what about Calculated Risk?



  • It does not synergises well with .41 Derringer's extra action or ready in case of oversuccess cards like Beretta M1918 or the Mauser C96.
  • It does not help with one of the main weakness of : the encounter deck. While Savant brings a lot of to the table for many Rogues, Calculated Risk simply cannot be played at all during the Mythos Phase.
  • Daredevil (0) and (2) will now randomly end your turn if you commit it during your turn.


This is a well-balanced card that can be good if you plan on having an investigator that cares for Oversuccess, especially with cards like Lucky Cigarette Case (3) and will want to increase the number of Actions available each turn. It also comes at the right time since we now have enough Encounter mitigation cards to be interested in other types of tech.

Valentin1331 · 60670
it could help with the encounter deck if there are treacheries that enter play. not sure if it works with Frozen in Fear, but there are a lot of treacheries in TCU that take an action and a test to remove. — Zinjanthropus · 225
Just going to add: this totally works with Frozen in Fear (recently came up in an FAQ) and that makes this a fantastic Frozen in Fear answer, especially since at level 0 Rogue you can Adaptable this in for most people who want it. — Veronica212 · 288
I don't know if you're the one who made that Tony Morgan deck, but from what I can tell you can easily get to 36. First of all, Blur can be used more than once per round, so you can get 2 additional actions from Blur. Second, the second Galvanize played with Double, Double only has one action attributed to it, while it would give you two (the fight and the extra Quickdraw Holster use). So that's up to 30 already. Next, I don't know why you'd run Underworld Support. Sure, it's full of exceptional cards, but the deck is not made to be good, it's made to do a gimmick. And in this case, dropping Underworld Support would allow you to put in another copy of Galvanize (2 more actions) and another copy of Blur (4 extra actions). That brings us up to 36 icons. And then of course, if you useda different taboo list, you could get another action by Double, Double-ing Ace In The Hole instead of Galvanize, do an extra Quick Thinking, and I'm not even gonna count how many you could get with Double Or Nothing. — Qemdo11 · 1

Without even taking any extra actions into account, this is a Wini card. It's a Rogue skill, it can give Wild skill icons, and that's all you need.

"After this test ends, end your turn." is a real shame, because I'd definitely play this on my first action just to draw more cards, but this clause pretty much forces you to play it on your last one for 3 (or possibly more) icons. Still good though.

Aesyn · 232
I don't have too much to say about how well the card plays--but the state of play on that Go board is janky as hell... — Cal · 1