Cost: 2. XP: 2.


Schnell. Spiele diese Karte, sobald ein Gegener einen Ermittler an deinem Ort angreift.

Hebe den Angriff auf. Enthülle dann einen zufälligen Marker aus dem Chaosbeutel. Falls er ein -, -, -, - oder -Symbol hat, füge dem angreifenden Gegner Schaden in Höhe seines eigenen Schadens oder Horrors zu.

Jacqueline Fine #23.

Latest Taboo

This card now reads “a symbol” instead of the list of indicated symbols.

Hypnotisierender Blick


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I didn't have high regards initially for this spell. Thought it would be something for musicians, hanging around with witches, or for soothsayers. As a respectable business woman, worthy for the renowned Silver Twilight Lodge, I always ignore, what these people say . I rather wanted to recharge my Azure Flame or Rite of Seeking. But the more I got involved with the lodge, the more I met. I even got a bit into Jazz mood , when I found a book in the old witch house. Suddenly, I was not so sure, if I want to educate myself in recharging. Unlike most other , seeking for arcane spells, I'm well prepared to find use in them, even after they are depleted from power. I was not willing to sacrifice that.

I always loved to dodge the goons. Even when I had better things to do than dedicating myself to them. It hardens my and makes me strong. So the prospect of doing that twice as often as normal, even at a slightly higher cost, started to appeal to me. I'm now glad, whenever I meet another at that occasion. (Or even a .) But I ignore it, if I don't. That's what I was always good at.

Susumu · 350
This is underrated — Nenananas · 250

It's -1 cost compared to the level 0 version, and it has an extra icon. If you can pull off the token pull (hello, Jacqueline, Olive, and various kindred cards) you can use it on all those annoying Geist enemies from TCU, plus any horror-not-damage enemies you care to fight. The reduced cost makes it more playable in Mystic decks that often suffer from resource shortages, and it;'s nice that both versions work on Elites.

It’s still a very expensive dodge. I do not get this card. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
I'd say this card is very strong. I rarely played the lvl 0 version because 3 resources is a lot, but this version is more reasonably priced and you can use either damage or horror values which means you can easily pull off 2 or even 3 damage which is significant. It does require a test in that you need a specific token, but there's no consequence if you fail and there are lots of ways to force one of those tokens to resolve if you really want. — LaRoix · 1634

If you take arcane research with Sefina, you’re going to run out of cards to level up quick. (Wards of protection and suggestion are other useful ones.) This one also stays good for an entire campaign: the more damage enemies do, the more damage hypnotic gaze does. It pairs best with cards that let you see more tokens, and has anti-synergy with bless and curse tokens.

MrGoldbee · 1415
Rite of Seeking (2) is also a good option for her research. Would you rather upgrade Hypnotic Gaze early, to make the deck cheaper? Or late in the campaign, to get the "more urgent" spells earlier? — Susumu · 350
Later. First is Wards, then Suggestion. — MrGoldbee · 1415
Sure, Suggestion can never be the first upgrade, as the lower version is level 1. But I think, the only thing you might end up doing with Hypnotic Gaze (0) would be to commit it on an evade, or a fight of another player. In solo, I would not take Arcane Research at all on her, as the Ward upgrade gets pointless and you are better off with Sixth Sense than RoS. (But that one can't be upgraded yet, due to her level 2 restriction.) — Susumu · 350
Other options to not carry around the level 0 version for her would be Adaptable or Versatile. But you should have other reasons to get these cards. Or of course, pay 1 XP later to save 2 the following scenario.. — Susumu · 350
Good eye, Susu! — MrGoldbee · 1415