Silas Dark and Defiant

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hackesackman · 8

Designed this one to be primarily a monster killer, but didn't want to be left out on the clue front either. With a post-Dark Horse statline of 3 3 5 5, Lantern, and a few good commits Silas will be able to stay in that game as well.

Upgrade priority:

  1. Defiance -> Defiance
  2. Fearless -> Fearless
  3. Lucky! -> Lucky!
  4. Grisly Totem -> Grisly Totem
  5. Madame Labranche -> Guiding Spirit
  6. Say Your Prayers -> A Test of Will
  7. Unexpected Courage -> Stroke of Luck

If your team has clues already covered you can skip out on guiding spirit and keep Madame Labranche, I almost want to do so anyway for the card draw if nothing else. Also if you end up not burning through your xp with exile cards and have 10 to spare (somehow) you can get the exceptionally taboo Key of Ys and drop one of the Grisly Totem/Grisly Totem.

The one concern I have here is that I sacrificed all of the neutral draw skills, so the card draw is not what I'd like to see. Am hoping that it will be well enough mitigated between the Eureka! combo with Silas Marsh, Madame Labranche, and upgraded Lucky!.

Hadn't got to play much with Exile before, but nothing to spend XP on after Lucky and you can get some nifty benefits, especially with a test of will/stroke of luck.

I mean you have to use one of your 2x A Test of Will 9 times before you spent more than on 2x Ward of Protection, and still would be without the sanity hit.


Jun 12, 2019 GreatGopher · 56

For a primarily monster-killer deck with an admitted lack of draw power, is 2x Fire Axe really enough weapons? It's your only way of dealing any extra damage, even after all the recommended upgrades.

I'm also curious about the "Eureka!/Silas combo" you mention. Silas doesn't let you repeatedly grab cards from Eureka!; the window to return the skill card comes before the "if this skill test is successful" trigger window. The best I can figure is that he prevents Eureka! from remaining stuck to a losing test, but that's not enough to compensate for a lack of draw.

Exile cards are absolutely worth it! You're definitely thinking about them the right way - not as a one-shot event that gets removed from your deck, but rather as a powerful effect with a variable XP cost that can be paid over time.

Jun 12, 2019 hackesackman · 8

Ah wow I definitely misread his ability and based half the deck on the misinterpretation!

I was counting on reusing eureka for deck searching, but that won't work the way I was thinking.

Thanks for the feedback I'll give it a rework.

Jun 12, 2019 GreatGopher · 56

No problem! It is worth mentioning that both Defiance and Nautical Prowess DO interact in the "good" way, since their triggers go off before Silas' ability does.