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Toastrunner · 108

I'm a simple man. I love Ornate Bow . I love shooting snakes and other horrors with it. I know its not the most efficient card out there, but it still has a special place in my heart.

This is an attempt at a functional deck, built around blasting things with the Bow, but also able to get clues. Its also 'complete' at 19xp so it can get online pretty quickly in a campaign, or be used in a standalone.

The Core:

Ornate Bow - Attack at 6 base for 3 damage,

Lockpicks - Investigate at 7 base.

Bandolier - Have the slots for both and buff willpower.

The Tricks:

Ever Vigilant - with 18 assets in this deck, this card will do some serious work for you. The action economy is nuts and will let you hit the ground running.

Venturer - Reloads your bow for free. Lets you take down big game.

Haste - Gets another action out of the bow (the activated fight and reload count as the same action type). I think this applies to other items too. So you can activate the bow twice (shoot/reload), then activate a flashlight or lockpicks as your bonus action. Also works for investigating/movement.

The Set Up:

Prepared for the Worst - Bow insurance. Between a hard mulligan and this, you have pretty damn good odds of seeing the bow turn up.

Backpack - Deck thinner, has 10 targets so should do some work. Has great synergy with Ever Vigilant -play the backpack first, then play the items from it at a discount.

Lucky Cigarette Case - Provides the draw. Should fire consistently with Lockpicks.


Lone Wolf - Great drip, puts you at $2 a turn so you can use Skid's ability as needed.

Emergency Cache - Extra boost, upgrade into hot streaks later.


Manual Dexterity - Keep your tempo up and nail those big tests

Take the Initiative - Encounter Deck & big test protection

Unexpected Courage - Enconter Deck and big test protection,


Narrow Escape - Flex spot. Has a nice synergy with the bow though. Shoot. Reload (Play this, ignore attack of op). Shoot at +2.

Flashlight - Lets you get clues without lockpicks, doesn't feel bad if you have to play something over it.

The Moon • XVIII - +1 dex helps with shooting, lockspicks and evading. Another asset target for Ever Vigilant.


Keep Ever Vigilant, Ornate Bow and Lockpicks in opening hand, mulligan anything else.

Don't be afraid to draw hard in the first round or two to complete your set up. Once you get the lockpicks/cigarette case combo going your tempo will be good.

Use lockpicks/flashlight to be getting clues while your waiting on stuff to shoot.

Use Venturer, On the Lam, Narrow Escape & Haste to get the most mileage out of your bow. A possible dream turn: Fight with bow (1), Reload with Venturer (quick action), Fight with bow (2), Reload (Free action from haste), Fight with Bow (3). Thats 9 potential damage in one round, not too shabby. Sub in cards depending on what you have in hand.

Use Skids' ability to get that crucial extra action when needed. It can really help pull off big bow plays, but is always useful. There is enough economy in the deck to let you use it 3/4 times a game.

Level 0 Version:

.45 automatic for Ornate bow

Intel report for Lockpicks

Perception for Ever Vigilant

Bandolier (0) for Bandolier (2)

Quick thinking for Haste

The Moon for Narrow Escape

This deck ain't going to rock at level 0, but should be able to contribute a couple clues and damage.

Upgrade Order: Bows, Lockpicks, Ever Vigilent, Bandolier (2), Haste


Apr 02, 2020 dubcity566 · 46

I like it.

Things I'd worry about:

I'd worry that your base fighting ability of 6 with bow out (7 with moon) is pretty low, especially for higher difficulties. Would want to consider buffing that somehow, probably my first choice would be reliable though any of the rogue allies that give foot+charisma would be a good option too.

I'd really like a way to get in a 4th damage without having to reload your bow when needed. A single hatchet man or Delilah would help here.

If your group is relying on you to fight, I'd worry about only having 2x weapon cards, 1x prepared for the worst, and 1x backpack. If your group is bigger or more varied and someone else can fill in fighting until you find your bow, less of an issue.

Cards I'd consider taking out/places to save XP:

I definitely don't think you need 2x Flashlight, I'd probably not use any though it makes your backpack worse.

I'm not sure it needs 2x upgraded bandolier, would probably save 2 xp there.

Might try only 1x haste.

Apr 05, 2020 Django · 2534

Emergency Cache 3 could put more supplies on Venturer

Apr 09, 2020 TWWaterfalls · 424

I really like this deck. Very clear objective and very little to distract from that.

I would probably swap out Flashlight for Cat Burgler (or Lola/Delilah) and Charisma to get an additional boost but this would be a really fun deck to play.