Cost: 0.

Erhalte 3 Ressourcen.

Man kann niemals zu gut vorbereitet sein.
Vincent Dutrait
Grundspiel #88.

"Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver." Ayn Rand depicted the reasons for including Emergency Cache with few words, but you surely expect a longer explanation.

An event that gives you 3 resources for one action sounds like an auto-include in most decks. It speeds up your initial setup: play Emergency Cache, play Leo De Luca or Dr. Milan Christopher and still have 2 actions and resources to spend. Mid-game it can fuel the "pump" skills, like Dig Deep, for you. Late-game it probably sticks on your hand as a "dead draw". Emergency Cache has no alternative use, no icons to commit to skill tests. With a huge resource pool, you can buy anything, but you need expensive cards in the sale, too!

As a rule of thumb, i would offer you Spiryt's advise: If you can see yourself spending more than one action per scenario fishing for resources, then this card is a great way of ensuring you have the means to play your most powerful cards.

With more packs being released, the number of economy sources will raise. Right now, the slot for Emergency Cache mainly competes with Burglary and Dr. Milan Christopher (with 0 xp) and Hot Streak(4). Especially the guardian class runs low on resources, in-faction there's solely Stand Together(3). In solo play, Lone Wolf always is the better alternative to Emergency Cache.


  • Feasible resource gain.
  • Best economy card for Roland Banks.
  • Wendy and Pete find cards without committment icons useful, they have innate abilities where they must discard cards.
  • Jump start enabler: mulligan for Emergency Cache and Leo Di Luca.
  • There's an upgraded version available: Emergency Cache(2)


  • Card has no icons to commit to skill tests.
  • One-time effect only. Supplement with drip economy for the long run.


  • spoiler In The House Always Wins it is sometimes better to have a full wallet at your disposal than big brains.
Synisill · 314
I actually dislike this one: you gain 3 ressources. Instead of playing the card, you could have earned 1. Instead of drawing the card, you could have earned 1. Your net gain is thus 1 ressource. However, this is at this expense of a deck slot - you trade the use of a much more useful card for 1 ressource. Is the compression of the gain of 1 ressource worth loosing the opportunity of having a better card in your hand ? I don't think so. Poor deal. — jd9000 · 39
@jd90, trying to evaluate cards by the sum of actions is simplicistic. As a first approximation it is okay, but would you, as an example, also claim that Lucky!'s cost is in a range between 3 and 5 actions? 1 for the resource, 1 to draw the card, and roundabout 1-3 actions for skill tests, because maybe you succeed on the next two skill tests... You don't like that example? Fine, check "Guts" then. This card is regulary included in many good decks - because of the high percentage of gaining 1 additional action (together with the successful skill test). — Synisill · 314
Not a bad card to include in a Dark Horse deck. — dlikos · 1