Vorteil. Hand

Gegenstand. Buch.

Cost: 2. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

Erschöpfe Enzyklopädie: Wähle einen Ermittler an deinem Ort. Dieser Ermittler bekommt bis zum Ende der Phase +2 auf eine Fertigkeit deiner Wahl.

Es soll umfassend sein, aber je länger ich darin suche, je mehr erkenne ich, dass wir nichts über die wirklichen Wahrheiten des Universums wissen.
Eric Wilkerson
Grundspiel #42.

This card is an absolute beast for Daisy Walker, due to her free Tome action. Give yourself +2 Lore and laugh at those 4/5 shroud locations. Give your guardian +2 Strength and watch them destroy even 4/5 strength monsters with absolute ease. Give your survivor and rogue buddies a +2 Agility boost for that pinch situation where you need to evade lock a big nasty that you can't quite kill this turn or your mystics +2 will to do whatever they need to do.

The one downside? Her ability isn't fast, so using this to try to kill or evade the big nasty currently chewing on your face will trigger an attack of opportunity.

And if you need to pass an absurdly high check (eg Spoiler)... both copies can stack. Keep her Tote Bag nearby!

Jarell88 · 8
That Spoiler check of 3 doesn't look that scary to me... — bricklebrite · 68
Oh wait, the other check...ok, that one is a little scary :) — bricklebrite · 68
Why can't I put two of this card into a deck? — Neoethilan · 1
@Neoethilan make sure you have checked two copies of the core set in your collection! — unitled · 1771