Jenny is a Ghoul's Best Friend (Solo, Achievements)

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Voltgloss · 93

My third attempt at soloing through Return to the Night of the Zealot's achievement list will be with Jenny Barnes - an investigator whom I've never played before. I was intrigued by Croaker13's solo "Don't Test Me" Jenny decks for Expert difficulty - one for Dunwich, one for Carcosa - and decided to tweak/combine the two for use with Return to NotZ on standard. I'm also specifically aiming for the "defeat no ghouls" achievement on this run. Some specific deckbuilding thoughts, on where I've varied from Croaker13's setups:

  • In the first scenario, the only enemy I will be fighting is Swarm of Rats. On Standard, I'm comfortable relying on Jenny's raw 3 to dispose of those. So I've cut .41 Derringer, Knife (and, with them, Backpack), and Overpower in favor of more events. In particular, I want to try Think on Your Feet (knowing when/where some of the guaranteed enemy spawns will take place) and Slip Away (a Forgotten Age card not available when Croaker13's decks were made).

  • I took Dynamite Blast instead of Drawn to the Flame because I want some extra burst damage for the Scenario III Main Path. I could Adaptable them in later on but I expect to be squeezed for experience (especially being stuck at a maximum 4 for the first scenario, since I can't kill any ghouls) and would rather not spend that point if I can help it.

  • Without Drawn to the Flame, I'm trying another Forgotten Age card to help with cluevering: Eavesdrop. Yes, it's quite situational and a better fit for Finn Edwards, but there's a perfect target in Scenario II: the evade 1 Hunting Nightgaunt. That enemy, along with the need to avoid killing various other evade 2 ghouls (and the 50% likelihood I'll be facing the evade 2 The Masked Hunter) is also why I'm running two copies of Stealth.

  • I am genuinely wondering whether relying solely on Jenny's double-resource-gain will be enough to fund this deck. I've tried to keep the cost curve equivalent to the Carcosa version; we will see how it performs.

  • My goal for Scenario I is to secure both location Victory points and then resign (since I can't kill the Ghoul Priest). 4 experience will net me Streetwise and either a Cat Burglar or a set of Lockpicks for Scenario II (I haven't decided which).

Here we go!



I kept Perception to have a reasonable shot at the Study clue while I'm still there. The replacements are... not what I was hoping for, frankly. Let's see how things play out.

R1 (0D, 0H, 5$, 0C): 0/3 doom

R2 (0D, 0H, 7$, 1C): 1/3 doom

At least Slip Away did what I wanted it to do: let me evade something when I have to stick around in its location for another turn, so I don't have to re-evade it next turn when I go to leave.

R3 (1D, 0H, 7$, 2C): 2/3 doom

Feels weird to use Elusive so early but man, I need more tricks in my hand to proceed. Hoping the two-actions-for-three-cards Study tradeoff works out.

R4 (1D, 0H, 7$, 2C): 3/3 doom

R5 (1D, 2H, 7$, 3C): 1/7 doom

That was a downright comical sequence of events. Hooray, my rat-killing guns are available now?

R6 (1D, 2H, 9$, 0C): 2/7 doom

R7 (1D, 2H, 11$, 1C): 3/7 doom

Where the heck are those Flashlights and Art Students? They would be really helpful right now.

R8 (1D, 2H, 13$, 2C): 5/7 doom

And just like that, victory is suddenly within my grasp. Maybe. We'll see in a moment.

R9 (1D, 2H, 13$, 3C): 6/7 doom

At least I didn't last-minute draw Searching for Izzie!!

R10 (1D, 2H, 16$, 0C): 7/7 doom

No resolution

  • Jenny's house is still standing
  • The Ghoul Priest is still alive
  • Lita Chantler joins Jenny
  • 4 experience (2 Victory + 2 bonus)

That was... kind of hilarious the entire way through. Hey, can't complain with the final result. On to the real test in Scenario II!