Daisy solo power house Carcosa

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cjtightpant · 1

I rocked a Pete/Duke deck through Carcosa, who (even after multiple attempts) didn’t make it past a specific scenario. You probably know the one.

So Daisy is following in his footsteps.

I found it tough populate this deck with cards to be able to hold her own with enemies, but I think this works. Anatomical Diagrams, "I've got a plan!", Mind over Matter should do the trick. Shrivelling is killer too; even with her 3 will power I think this will work due to this deck being full of willpower icons for boost. Dr. William T. Maleson can help as well by shuffling enemies back into the deck.

Her clue-getting ability is wonderful due to her 5 book, card draw no problem due to Old Book of Lore. decent resource generation relies on Dr. Milan Christopher